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Bruce S. Yarock June 1st, 2008 07:29 AM

Is deeper dof possible?
I've been experimenting with the Letus extreme for a couple of weeks now, both on my canon A1 and h1. the shallow dof stuff is really nice, but I'd also like to be to get deeper dof for shots of several people, etc. I tried stopping down the slr to 4 or 5, but i didn;'t get great results. ASnybodey else have any luck?
Bruce yarock

Tom Hardwick June 1st, 2008 01:31 PM

I think you've seen the light - such attachments are great for shooting with limited dof, but not so hot when you want max dof. No worries though as simply shooting with your camcorder in its unadorned state and at fairly wide-angle settings will give you oodles of dof and more.


Bruce S. Yarock June 1st, 2008 01:45 PM

My concern about cutting adapter footage with regular camera footage is the different look. I'm going to do a little test capturing the same scene shot with both cameras,one with the adater and one without. Hopefully, someone else can chime in on this topic.
Bruce Yarock

Pietro Impagliazzo June 1st, 2008 03:25 PM

What did you mean by "didn't get great results"?

Very dark picture? Soft around the corners?

Bruce S. Yarock June 1st, 2008 03:45 PM

What I meant was that I didn't get deep enough depth of field even when I stopped down. I did the test with two people outside, one a couple of feet in front of the other. There was no way I could get deep enough dof to get them both in focus.I will try again in real bright sunlight and stop way down.
The look, however, is really nice. Great color and rich and filmic .
Bruce yarock

Paul Frederick June 2nd, 2008 07:15 AM

Be careful stopping down! I can't go beyond F4 without noticing severe grain/streaks from the ground glass. Some can stop the front lens down to F5.4 or so. I guess the Letus Ultimate is going to fix this and allow F stops to F22! It is indeed the challenge of using these devices. Try a wider angle lens. My 24mm gives deep depth of field if needed, but still has the organic look.

Ted Ramasola June 2nd, 2008 08:00 AM

the spinners have higher tolerance for small apertures compared to the vibrators. :-)

Leonard Levy July 12th, 2008 11:32 PM

You will get deeper DOF with a Brevis with the CF1 series diffusing screen. The nature of the screen actually effects the apparent DOF. Generally speaking the more diffusion in the screen (which many find prettier) the lower the DOF. Sounds very odd, but it is quite noticeable.

Lenny Levy

Ram Shani July 13th, 2008 04:29 AM

what lens you use?

try wider lens like 35mm or 24mm

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