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Martin Amada June 1st, 2011 05:36 PM

Cams I can use with my adaptor
I have two adapters. I built the first one several years ago based on Redrock's DIY kit, with some modifications, including custom made ground glass. So imagine a rig very similar to the first ones Redrock came out with, before they added the flip and other features. I use it a lot, and so I built a second one as a backup.

They are designed for use with the Z1U which I own, and I use the 72 mm diopters from Cinevate. I can modify/adjust my rigs to work with some other 2/3" sensor cameras, as long as the sensors aren't offset (like the ones in the EX1/EX3.) That is my belief, anyway.

After my new SONY FS-100 arrives I expect to use the adapters much less. Perhaps I'll loan them out or donate them for a local film studies courses. Then again if I have a multiple camera interview setup where they will come in handy, I might rent a couple cams for that, and use them there.

I'm wondering what cams if any since the Z1U has come out, would work the best with my adapters? I assume there is at least one Canon, one Panasonic and one JVC still likely to be floating around for a few more years?

Yes I know, I could also consider renting DSLRs. I like to keep to all options open.

Bob Hart June 2nd, 2011 10:19 PM

Re: Cams I can use with my adaptor
The EX1/EX3 sensors as far as I can determine are no more offset than the Z1. This in turn had less apparent offset than the PD150. Incredible precision is involved with small sensors and the optics. Add mass production, the use of plastics which can flex over time, fair and unfair wear and tear, a little variation between the optical and sensor centres is inevitable.

You can make an adaptor for the older cameras work on a EX1/EX3. However there is an optical challenge presented by the Fujinon lens on these cameras which required manufacturers to create special achromats for them in order to avoid a bad edge softness. Dennis may still have the special achromat stocked as may Letus but you would probably need to enquire fairly soon if you go with an EX1/EX3.

Whatever camera you come across in the future, if it has a sensor size of 1/3", a lens front element diameter of about 50mm to 60mm or thereabouts and a similar zoom range to your Z1, you will probably find your adaptor will work with its 72mm achromat.

Chris Barcellos June 2nd, 2011 10:37 PM

Re: Cams I can use with my adaptor
I adapted these self built types to my Canon HV20 to get 24p. The current HV40 should do just fine, as well as the newer chipped cameras chipped based cameras in same Canon Vixia line.

Martin Amada June 5th, 2011 05:38 AM

Re: Cams I can use with my adaptor
I meant to write 1/3" sensor but you obviously knew that.

Thank you for the helpful feedback, guys.

Bob, I had no idea this was a simple as getting a special achromat from Cinevate. The EX1/EX3 would certainly be my camera of choice for this, so I will contact them first thing on Monday hoping they still sell them.

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