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Bob Hart February 10th, 2006 11:49 AM


The limiting factors seem to be the combination of the camera optics you are stuck with in the VX2000 as with all cams which have the non-removable lens systems plus the small size of the object we are looking at, the 35mm motion picture image frame of 24 x 18mm or slightly larger for the still-camera image frame.

What we are doing with these cams is actually a workaround.

In my tests with the PD150, which is optically much the same as the VX2000, I used several close-up lenses for relays.

One enabled me to couple a groundglass within 18mm of the front of the relay lens. Zoom-in needed was about 70%.

Another enabled me to couple a groundglass within about 200mm of the front of the lens. It still required about 70% zoom-in

The Century Optics +7 achromatic dioptre which I eventually settled on for the prism version enables a couple to the groundglass within about 120mm of the front of the lens. Zoom-in still has to be about 70%.

What lenses are you using on front of your Letus?

Lea Lisa February 12th, 2006 02:16 AM

Im using FD 50mm 1.2 / 1.4 and 24mm 2.0. Now without steadycam on, it work pretty good handheld. I also succeeded to remove bad dust particles on the Flip mirrors with blowing "Air on can" ;) . I will hook up the adapter today with my GS400 and see how that works. Thanks!

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