View Full Version : P2 Card Reader in G4 Mac (mirror door)

Tom Klein
February 24th, 2008, 11:10 PM
Hi Guys

I Fitted the Amtron P2 card reader to my Mac G4 Mirror door -

I installed the supplied PCI card and cables (2) and mounted the Reader in the Top optical space,
removed the top flip down door. I used two after market mount brackets to fill space to optical mounts , with the face recessed enough that the P2 card won't get caught accidently by anything thing.

Booted mac up, inserted card and about 2 secs later the Pana "No Name" came up on the desktop. No software ect needed, the G4 Mac recognised the reader.

It reads all my P2 cards (8gig & 32gig). No problems ingesting into FCP 5.1,
Ingest time example (DVCPro 50 file) a 2min10sec clip took 1min & 2secs to import.

All good , easy and fast.
Reader has an activity Light and Eject Button. Card must be inserted "Black label" Up.
Card shows up in System profiler as TXN.PCIXXXX.OO Type cardbus.
Pic attached.
Mac OS is 10.4.8.
Now I'm going to Get the G5 MacPro reader working, i'll post when that's operational.
Tom K

Tom Klein
February 24th, 2008, 11:55 PM
I Forgot to mention Cost all up for card plus shipping from Amtron in USA to Australia was $135 AUS.
Tom K