View Full Version : Bracket1 & Boom Mic

Miguel Lombana
August 18th, 2004, 06:01 PM
Been trying to get an answer on this and just can't figure it out from the pics that I've found on all the corporate websites.

The situation is that I want to mount my Wireless kit off the camera (currently on the top handle with velcro), and my boom mic on the same mount with the wireless so that my shoe and the top of the camera is reserved for my light.

The Bracket 1 looks like it will fit the bill for one item however is there a way to secure the boom mic mount to that unit?

Hoping to get an answer from someone that has actually used this unit. The boom incidentally is the Azden 1x so it's got a standard shoe mount on the base.

I toyed with the idea of replacing my XLR-Pro units with the MA300 which I know has the boom receiver and light shoe but after finding a pic of that setup here, it looked very top heavy, right now I'm fairly balanced with the current setup.

I'm open to suggestions however ....

Thanks in advance, MIGUEL

Hank Freeman
August 18th, 2004, 07:32 PM
I own the Bracket1. I use it for mounting 2-Sennheiser wireless receivers which interface to a beachtek under-camera unit. Although I haven't attached a boom mic, i'd suspect a universal shoe with a threaded screw could be easily attached. I leave the shoe open and typically use the Canon 3 watt light, which contrary to other posts, is an excellent filler for closer interviews or for adding some 'red' hue under incandescent lighting to faces.

The only down side of the bracket1 is that the weight of the attached devices will pull the camera off horizontal center.