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Bruce Pelley
August 22nd, 2004, 12:23 PM
Hi All,

Unfortunately,the evidence points that my mic input jack is non operational.Even though I have had the GL-2 for
almost 2 years,because of the type of usage it gets,I had absolutely no idea or inkling until recently.I was trying to record bypassing the onboard system and apparently this is the only way it can be done.

is this potentially an expensive repair?Otherwise the onboard audio works fine,it only the mic in jack which is dead!

Sould I send it to Jamestown,New Jersey to the factory repair center or some other authorized Canon repair service?

I would appreciate any reccomendations on where I could have this done right,with a guarantee.. in fairly timely manner without being a budget buster.

Any of you had this done or know of someone who had this particular repair and how much did it cost?

What are Canons standard repair rates?

Thanks in advance,


Miguel Lombana
August 22nd, 2004, 02:30 PM
Before you send off that camera a couple of questions...

1. What did you try to plug into the mic jack?

2. What type of mic are you connecting and what jack are you plugging it into? (Sorry gotta ask)

3. Is the jack that you plugged in mono or stereo?

4. Check the mic jack that you're plugging in if there are 2 black rings at the end it's stereo, if there is only 1 it's mono.

what I'm getting at is that it may be the jack that you're plugging into the camera. Also did you have the gain controls set to manual and set all the way up?

Did you set the audio monitors to on (VU Meters) in the display and were they moving? If you plug in a mic do you see activity on those meters as you insert and remove?

Check all these and let us know.

Bruce Pelley
August 24th, 2004, 06:00 PM
1)I'm fully aware that the mic in jack is 1/8" stereo.
2)The external VU meters are alive and active.
3)The audio is set to manual.
4)The L & R volume controls are set almost to 100%.
5)I'm inputting either cd audio or tape cassette direct.
6)No mic is involved at all.
7)One of the channels shows a few bars of life when they should be nearly pinned to the top of the meters.
8)If I had Beachtek XLR adapter unit plugged in,I suppose the results would be the same as it uses the same in jack.

What are Canons labor rates or are there other reliable sources of repair?