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JM Underwood
September 4th, 2004, 11:32 PM
I'm now the very happy owner of a Canon GL2! And my very first experience with it was very positive. Canon has shown that they provide outstanding service, and go beyond the legal requirements of the warranty.

I just bought a used GL2 from an individual in my local area. Altogether, it was a very pleasant experience. The seller was a true gentleman and professional.

We met at a local restaurant to conduct the transaction. The first thing he told me was that the GL2 had just been returned from Canon for servicing, and that if I wished to cancel the deal that would be OK. And now the impressive part. Although the GL2 was out of warranty (purchased 1-1/2 years ago), Cannon provided full warranty service on the tape drive mechanism, all at no charge!

The seller had experienced a problem recently with ejection of a tape. He called Canon, and they told him to go ahead and send it in, and they would repair it at no charge. He gave me the letter he received from Canon when the GL2 was returned. It states:
Message to remove tape.
Repair to good working order.
Warranty expired.
One time courtesy Repair.

No Charge, Repair
And get this: Even thought the GL2 was out of warranty, the repair comes with a full 3 months warranty of parts and labor.

In addition to the repair, Canon cleaned, checked, and adjusted the GL2 to factory specs.

So, it's like I just got a NEW GL2 at a used price! :-))

Two other really positive factors:
1. Canon repaired and returned the GL2 in less than 2 weeks.
2. While the Canon warranty is for 1 year parts and labor, the tape mechanism is limited to only 90 days! So even though the warranty on the tape mechanism had expired well over a year ago, Canon repaired it at no charge.

I'm very lucky to have found this deal. I can't wait to get out their and start using my "new" GL2. I have been lurking a lot in these forums, and have found it very helpful.

David Ennis
September 6th, 2004, 03:38 PM
The "Remove Tape" failure is a famous one with Canon. I just finished an opinion post about it at

I hope your experience reflects their current policy on this particular failure mode. I agree that the GL2 is otherwise an outstanding product.


Graham Bernard
September 7th, 2004, 12:16 AM
In your opinion post, did you mention the Zoom issue? And yes the XM2 is great.


Larry Wilie
September 7th, 2004, 03:26 AM

Could you possibly post a link to the thread at

Are you saying that the “Remove Tape” problem is a common problem with GL2s?

Is this a generic problem with GL2s or is it caused by using more than one brand of tape with the GL2?

If you clean the tape heads, can you change to another brand of tape?

David Yuen
September 8th, 2004, 09:00 AM
<<<-- Originally posted by Larry Wilie : Fred,

Could you possibly post a link to the thread at

Are you saying that the “Remove Tape” problem is a common problem with GL2s?

Hope you'll take this link even though I'm not Fred.

The "Remove Cassette" problem seems to be endemic to Canon camcorders.