View Full Version : Reviewing Position - XM2 - A Brother for No. 1 or not?

Graham Bernard
September 6th, 2004, 01:28 AM
I'm needing to make a decision.

Prices for the XM/GL2 are coming down. My original supplier has taken 150 off their July offerings. I need to have a backup and to have the option to send away cammie No.1 to the Canon Garage for service. And reading here the "You aint alone!" type of experiences, IS making me think twice as to buying "another" XM2 or not - yeah?

I'd like to add that I'm over 50, don't do skate boarding, don't do Stock Car racing videos, don't do on stage jumping around type filming, don't do Run 'n Gun film war documentaries either. However I do do arts events and cultural projects - heavy man ! ! !

The following "issues" are scaring the pants of me . . .

1/- Zoom Rocker

I'm getting this with more frequency

* Intermittent Operation
* Zoom stops operating
* Zoom starts to zoom out on its own
* Zoom locks up and will not allow LANC or Grip zoom to take control


2/- Self-inflicted pauses while recording

Any body else want to add?


3/- Remove Cassette


So, Life's a Bowl of . .. . . Life is What you make it . .. I guess I aint gonna get anywhere with Canon other than a Service repair. I'd like to see a recognition of the Zoom thing from them . . .


Ken Tanaka
September 6th, 2004, 01:55 AM
The Mighty Oracle will now look into his crystal ball for the answer....



....I think I see an image....

....yes, it's becoming clearer...clearer....

...."Cammie #2" will be..... XL2!

That reading will be 10 quid, please.

Graham Bernard
September 6th, 2004, 02:51 AM
Ok - I can do this Ken!

XL2 might be something like 600>800 [ could be more like 1k ] more than the present XL1s - yes? More crystal BALLS here too Ken. No "official" prices in the UK yet.

So, to confirm reliability issues of the XM2, needs a total change of gear to XL2? Really?

. . . Yes I know you've given my comments a humorous slant - some of my own medicine here I guess, but maybe just maybe I can't afford the step up . .. Maybe you are wanting me to get projects that will "support" such expenditure - yes? . . . I agree with you on that one! But then again, being grateful for a Prosumer cammie - XM2 - aint part of wishing for a solution FOR the items I listed. I think I've listed some salient and intelligent observations not just from me, but from other XM2ers. Sorry Ken, I don't come from the - "Mustn't grumble . . things could be worse . . . I've never had it so good . .. You get what you pay for .. . In my day . . . " School of Thought.

Making a review of where I'm at and inviting others who've come across these same issues - sometimes at very important points in a project - is very relevant to me, and maybe just maybe to others too.

Tell me Ken, have you ever been in a situation where you've had these things happen on an XM2? A zoom fail or filming stop? It aint good.

Maybe I should leave it to the XL2 merchants/pros - yeah? And forget I've bought a pro-sumer cammie in the first place, and be grateful?

Graham Bernard