View Full Version : DVD Video Out of Sync even though original file is not?

Zhong Cheung
September 1st, 2011, 01:51 PM
Hi all,

I used Sony DVD Architect Pro 5.0 for the first time to finish a wedding DVD.

My original footage was shoot on a Canon 7D/60D at 23.976 1080p. I edited on Sony Vegas Pro 10.0e using project properties 23.976 1080p. I rendered the file out as 23.976 1080p.

However, when I opened DVD Architect, the only availabe option was 29.97 480p. I'm fine with the downgrade to SD quality, but I wanted 23.976 so as I was preparing the project for burning, I saw a button that said optimize that allowed me to change the video file to 23.976 (project properties stayed at 29.97 though).

When I finished burning it, I noticed that the entire wedding ceremony was out of sync (video/audio no longer matched). Why is this? Is it because I forced it to be 23.976? Is there just no way to get my DVD video to play at 23.976 synced with audio?

Zhong Cheung
September 1st, 2011, 08:06 PM
I just read these two articles from Sony: (render settings to use from Vegas to Architect)

and (sync issues)

So I rendered out my files from Vegas as mpeg2 according to the settings suggested (it seemed to apply 3-2 pulldown), then rendered out as .wav with the settings suggested.

However, now I am seeing interlacing jaggies when I preview the video file in Architect. What should I do? Haven't burned the DVD yet so I don't know if this will fix my sync issues either.