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Stephen McGrath
January 8th, 2012, 10:49 PM
I'm having a weird problem with iso images, I hope that somebody here understands what is going on!

Here is the scenario. I record my Sony videocam video to DVD using a high quality Pioneer DVD recorder. I feed the videocam analog out to the analog in of the DVD recorder. Works great, I've been doing this for years. I then make an ISO image backup of the DVD to PC hard disk using ImgBurn. So far, so good.

I've been using Taiyo Yuden DVDs with great results, no bad disks in over a hundred so far. I recently started making DVD backups of the iso images from my hard disk. So the lifecycle is:

Videocam -> Yaiyo Yuden DVD using Pioneer recorder
Taiyo Yuden DVD -> iso image on PC hard disk using ImgBurn
iso image from hard disk -> backup DVD using ImgBurn

So here's the weird bit. If the backup DVD is also a Taiyo Yuden, it works just fine. However, if I burn the iso image to a TDK DVD, the TDK DVD is unreadable. The drive does not recognize the disc after burning. I've tried this about five times with different iso images, same result. I've tried upgrading ImgBurn to the latest release, same result. Does anyone understand why I cannot copy a Taiyo Yuden iso image to a TDK DVD?

(Please don't say "The TDK DVDs are all bad" - they are not, I can burn videos from files to these TDK discs, including videos processed by DVDShrink using ImgBurn and they all work just fine).

Any clues are appreciated!


Randall Leong
January 9th, 2012, 01:00 PM
First of all, how are you ripping from DVD? Simply copying the files to a new directory and then running IMGBurn with these files will not make them work with all discs. In fact, such copying will only work if the backup disc has exactly the same media identification code (MID) as the original.

Stephen McGrath
January 9th, 2012, 02:11 PM
Hello, Randall. Thanks for the response.

I am using ImgBurn to make an iso image of the disc onto hard drive, i.e. a direct disc image. I did not realize this iso would be disc-specific, is it? I was under the impression that, using authoring tools, one could create an iso image on hard disc to be copied to any media of the correct type (CD, DVD-R, DVD+R, etc) independent of manufacturer, no?

Do you mean I have to copy the DVD to component files on the hard disk file system, then "burn" a completely new image onto the backup DVD?