View Full Version : Strange Aspect Ratio Problem

Paul Doherty
September 30th, 2014, 12:36 PM
I've just burnt a disc using Encore and have a strange aspect ratio problem (at least I think it's aspect ratio). When played on any TV only the very top of the subtitles are visible. I have to change the TV to 14:9 to see the subtitles and even then the lower half of them are outside the picture area.

In Encore they preview just fine and I've checked and rechecked the settings for all stages but can't find anything wrong. This is about the 10th project of this sort I've done with Encore and the I've never had this or a similar problem before.

My workflow is editing the HDV files in Avid Liquid (1440 x 1080 1.333:1) then export (called Fuse in Liquid) and open in ProCoder 2 to produce mastering quality MPEG files (720 x 576, 16:9). I then import the files into Encore with project set for PAL, 16 x 9, 720 x 576, Assets pixel aspect ratio 1.422.

The values noted above are all the same as the previous 2 projects which didn't have this problem, so at the moment I'm lost for an answer. Two other points:-

1. A disc burnt directly from Liquid has the same problem with not displaying the picture properly. That suggests it's a Liquid problem but (a) it previews fine in Encore (b) the Liquid file and project settings are identical to previous successful projects.

2. The only difference I can find is that in the Project Settings in Encore my previous projects have a frame rate of 50i, this troublesome one is shown as 25i. I've no idea why that is and suspect it's a red herring and anyway the project setting options are greyed out so I can't change them (though I could open a new project and start the DVD authoring from scratch with 25i, but I'd prefer to avoid all that extra work).

Any suggestions are very welcome as I'm tearing my hair out over a project that was almost finished.


Paul Doherty