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John Wiley
January 6th, 2015, 07:04 PM
Hi All,

I just pulled the trigger on a used FS700, and I'm considering adding a FS100 alongside it too, seeing as the used prices have plummeted so far.

One thing I'm wondering though, is how well the cameras match up in post? I know the FS100 lacks the Cinegamma's of the FS700, which is what I'll be shooting with most of the time (seeing as it's the in-demand look right now), but is there any CinemaTone setting on the FS100 that gets a somewhat similar look? Or is it apples and oranges?

Most stuff is going to be corrected in post, so I'm not demanding identical images out of the box, but I also don't want to spend money expecting fairly well-matched pair of cameras only to spend hours in post trying to make them look remotely similar. I'm not too bothered if there is a slightly different clipping point, or one has a little more noise in the blacks, or minute technical differences measurable only on a waveform - I'm mainly concerned about the overall brightness/darkness of the scene and the colour rendition being in the same ballpark.

So has anybody out there shot with both (or edited footage from both side-by-side) and can give an assessment of how the FS100 compares to the FS700's Cinegamma's?

Christopher Young
January 10th, 2015, 09:36 AM
Check out Frank Glencairn's post on the FS100

Also check out Abelcine's FS700 PPs on the following link. Also on that page is a link to FS100 Profiles. You may find some pointers there that may help you work out a match.

Sony FS700 Scene Files from AbelCine | CineTechnica (

Chris Young
CYV Productions

Mike Watson
January 10th, 2015, 12:08 PM
I use PP5 on my FS100 and am happy with the look it delivers. I'd think you could match it to the 700 okay with minimal effort.

Couple months ago I was agonizing over a new camera purchase - FS7, Ursa, Cion, etc. Decided to do nothing and stick around, and with the plummeting prices of the FS100, now I'm considering buying a 2nd one. It's the best value in professional videocameras today, IMHO.