View Full Version : How to: Speed Ramp with Varicam 27 & KiPro Mini

Michael Krumlauf
August 25th, 2016, 09:35 AM
After many months of trying to figure this out, I finally did and am very excited. I've always enjoyed the way speed ramping looks when done in camera and was told by multiple people that the varicams allow this, i figure out how to ramp months ago, but it took me forever to figure out how to get the KiPro to accept the ramp. I dont know how many of you this will help, but given my excitement, I thought I should share the steps in case someone out there was trying to do it. Better to have info like this sitting on the net so people like myself are not spending hours googling it.

First and foremost, I have used two external recorders with my varicam, the atomos Ninja Blade and the KiPro Mini. Its important you use a recorder that picks up the flagged frames in the SDI signal, the atomos does not do this but the KiPro Does.

1. Set the KiPro Mini to VFR mode and make sure its Timecode settings are set to read the varicam's timecode or else it wont pick up the 24p signal.
2. Always have your starting frame rate be 24. The KiPro must begin with the 24 signal to lock itself into a mode where it will always flag unneeded frames.
3. Once its recording, hit the JOG dial so the frame rate is flashing and then use the syncro scan buttons to toggle through the frame rates and preform your ramp.
4. Make sure you go back to 24 before you stop record. Once you play back the footage you will see not only do you have a 24p clip, but if you change frame rates it will slow down or speed up without any post work being done.

If you want a quick ramp, set the User 1 or 2 button to whatever frame rate you want to ramp to and once you run the camera (remember always begin at 24) and hit the user button it will jump right to the frame rate you set.

This is a very powerful feature and made me fall in love with my varicam all over again.