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Dee Joslin
June 30th, 2006, 06:29 PM
These were just a few scenes that I'm not using in the final. I couldn't use a tripod in these areas due to traffic and instructions from emergency crews. Shooting was HVX200 1080/60. The full rez version really looks good. So you can't really see how good the HVX did here. When I get my site up, I will post smaller, high quality clips. But for now, at least you get an idea of the weather up here. (over here, down here...whatever..)

Also the homepage servers aren't that quick and the video is about 85 meg.

Sam Miller
July 2nd, 2006, 10:16 PM
Hi Dee,

We just returned from Chambersburg, PA to Charlotte, NC a week before the storm. My folks still live there. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for your new HVX by capturing the impact on the area.

I'm going thru what you no doubt have been regarding to buy the HVX or DVX. I edit in FCP 5.0 on a Mac G5 for a client base that is still SD for broadcast TV and DVD viewing on CTRs and LCDs. We capture with both DVX100B and an older Sony VX1000 to min DVtape.

I really appreciate the difference HD brings in viewing your clips and others here, and the stills are unbelievable! The BIG Question is how can I incorporate this great quality and improved definition when all my output is to SD, atleast for now?

Would appreciate how you intend to do this for your projects and clients.

Thanks so much,


Dee Joslin
July 3rd, 2006, 05:21 AM
Let me start by saying that I had to remove the clip from my homepage because Apple sent me 2 emails saying they would remove access to the page due to "monthly transfer limits."

Oh well, I should have a more professional way of delivering clips in the near future.

For the most part, my work is more HD oriented. I made the move from the Canon XL1-s to HDV a few years ago with JVC's offering. Then to Sony HDV. I used FCP to edit and offered m2t viewing on Panasonic DVHS via firewire and mpeg HDDVD as h-264 won't play on the Toshiba HDDVD.

HDV served it's purpose well, but editing GOP, rendering, and tedious color correction were inherent to the format. Reds look more like orange and violet colors looked purple. The color was always a problem.

So I was looking to move into the next level from sub $5000 cameras to sub $10000 equipment. I looked at several cameras like Canon, JVC, Sony, etc. and the HVX200. I liked them all, but what drew me to the HVX was, one, the color from the camera looked great even through the component cables, and two, it wasn't limited by the boundries of 25 mbps tape. I've read all the reviews on all the models, P2 vs. tape, lower resolution intraframe compression at 100 Mbps vs. slightly higher rez interframe GOP, and decided on the HVX.

Not to mention, HD in multple flavors and frame rates as well as excellent DVCPRO 50 were other considerations. And SD to tape if I want.

At any rate, to answer your question, if your work is SD and your clients are happy, I wouldn't jump to HD for down converting when your using a 100B. It is perhaps one of the finest SD cameras to be owned (in the price range). I found the lens to be a little short for my work but excellent otherwise. If you are looking to invest in the next price range level for SD and HD as well, the HVX is a great choice. If you want to just make the move to HD and possible down convert to SD, there are many options. Panasonic, Canon and JVC all have great product. It comes down to, what Robert Lane states several times in his most excellent posts, what will serve your needs appropriately. (I'm paraphrasing here).

Remember, any decision to move into one of these cameras probably requires additional spending to actually view and output your HD. And in the case of the HVX, plan on spending for storage whether it be the Firestore, P2 cards, P2 HD or whatever. the cost is significant.

Sam Miller
July 3rd, 2006, 08:22 AM
Thanks for sharing your journey, from what I've read/seen the HVX hits the mark. Being many steps behind you in this business I would be grateful if you could address a few subjects I'm trying to work through.

1. Archiving HD footage and final output. Currently I shoot in mini-DV tape, then once the project is finished I save a master of it to tape and make a SD DVD image for distribution to my client for viewing. For TV broadcasts a private studio adds close captioning then creates a BetaSP for distribtution. Other clients use SD DVD projects for internal distribution and external marketing. SO...............

How do you deal with the archive issues of large file sizes for HD projects?


How do your clients use and distribute final HD material?

2. In going the route of HVX and using its advantages of slow/fast motion, is there a way of outputing a final product into SD 16:9 to make use of the high rez capture?

Now you see what I'm wrestling with. The delema is 2 ways: I'd hate to buy the DVX100B only to change to HVX in 2 yrs. I don't mind investing $10-12K now if the work flow is there and I can show my clients a definite way of using the superior quality.

Thanks for your guidance!


Dee Joslin
July 3rd, 2006, 08:55 AM
I'm actually not many steps ahead of you and there are others here much more qualified to discuss things like final output. I too am trying to figure out the best methods, conversions, encoding settings etc. As I said in my earlier post, I aquired a workflow with HDV and actually have put the carriage in front of the horse, so to speak. I bought the HVX without a plan for distribution or workflow. Of course I had some thoughts as I also went full bore with Apple, FS-100 (which Studio Exchange has yet to ship to me)

I use a huge network drive for archiving. But I'm still learning the HVX and am in the testing phase as far as output goes.

Anyone care to share thoughts on this thread?

David Saraceno
July 3rd, 2006, 09:18 AM
My 81 year old mom was evacuated from the area near Nanicoke Creek in Endicott NY.

I would have liked to have seen the footage.