View Full Version : PAL HVX200/202 does shoot 24p!

Barry Green
July 6th, 2006, 10:06 PM
Since I've been in this southern hemisphere, I finally got a chance to experiment at length with the 50Hz HVX. Get this:

THE HVX202 DOES 24P. And so will the HVX200E.


Using the "frame rate hack", you can set 720p mode to 24fps. And the actual calculated frame rate is 24.0333333 fps. Now, when you factor in that our US version does 23.976, the variance between 24.0333333 to 24.000 and the variance between 23.976 and 24.0000 are awfully similar, at least in the same ballpark.

Now, the thing is, you'd have to use the HVX202 in 25p "over 50" mode, in order to be able to record audio at the same time, which means you'd use the frame rate converter utility in post. Or, if you want to use 25pN mode, you'd have to record double-system sound.

But for those who use the 50Hz cameras and wished that it has 24p... it does!

Peter Jefferson
July 9th, 2006, 06:00 PM
Im looking forward to checking it out tonight at the launch party :)
I always thought 24p was a possibility with the variable frame rate ability of the camera, but persoanlly i have no need for it.
One thing im REALLY interested in seeing is how quick and easy it can/may be
set up for overcranking.One thing im really dissapointed with however is that as were stuck with 50hz, we can only get down to 50% slowmo... with the NTSC model, we can get down to about 35-40%, when u consider 24p project at 60p capture, your looking at 2.5% slower....
sux to be me..