View Full Version : Footage from Lake Tahoe

Jason Boyce
August 17th, 2006, 04:53 PM
Went to Lake Tahoe last week and thought I spent most of the week screenwriting and being laid up with a nasty virus from Mexico City, I managed to get in a little bit of filming.

First part is from the deck of the house I was staying in, 2nd was a waterfall outside another house, and the last is just flowers and messing around with some DOF

Mark Williams
August 17th, 2006, 05:30 PM
The movement of the tree leaves and water really looked kind of unnatural. Was that your intent? Do you recall your settings?

Jon Fairhurst
August 17th, 2006, 07:04 PM

It's amazing that Led Zep would licence their music to you...

(Nothing personal, but as a composer I'm kinda sensitive to hearing ripped music on posted video.)

Phil Hover
August 17th, 2006, 08:18 PM
You must hate a lot of videos posted here.

Jon Fairhurst
August 18th, 2006, 12:21 AM
Hi Phil,

Hate's much too strong a word.

Regarding the other videos, I don't download many. I mostly check out videos from cameras that I'm interested in.

In a lot of cases I don't know if the music was original, licensed or whatever. With Zep it's kindof over-the-top obvious.

I've spent years posting at the Northern Sounds composers site. If something like this were posted there, people would be in the shed gathering axes, pitchforks and torches. You should read some of the threads on piracy, copy protection, copyright and so on...

I just compose as a hobby. Professionals who butter their bread with music tend to feel a lot stronger about this than me.

My recommendation: Go buy ACID. Get some loops. It's easy to make original music. My kids could make passable music with ACID before they were ten.

And it's fun!

Jason Boyce
August 18th, 2006, 03:02 AM
I make my own music and I'm knee-deep in making my own album, been working on it for over a year. I used the song because it fit the feel of the video, and I'm not planning on doing anything with it other than sharing it with a couple of people.

I am aware that you are a composer as well, but please don't make snap judgements on people. As a musician myself, all of my releases use their own original music. Don't think I go about stealing people's music because I grabbed something that felt right, but a "Hey look at this footage" to share with other HVX owners is a far cry from something I would use to try to advertise myself in the business. I don't even have my name on it.

Jon Fairhurst
August 18th, 2006, 11:49 AM
No problem, Jason,

Maybe I'm still not over Zep licensing their music to Cadillac. ;)