View Full Version : FS-100 and HVX in Host Mode

Phillip Palacios
August 31st, 2006, 03:07 PM
I am wondering if you could use the firestore as a drive for the HVX to "dump" the P2 cards to, and also be able to switch back to the regular functions of the firestore (probabaly not on the same shoot)

I can see a couple of advantages to this scenario:
1. You gain a "P2 store" of sorts so you have the funtionality of the P2 cards (native frame rates etc)

2. This would be helpful if you are in a handheld/ moving or cramped situation, you can shoot with the P2 card then dump them into the firestore. This has an advantage over the cineporter in weight and possible data damage from bumping into things while recording, just keep the firestore safe in its case until you need to dump footage.

3. Using the Firestore as it was intended you still get long recording times for interviews, events, etc...

1. Hot Swap of the P2 cards is no longer relevent, as camera will be needed for the "host mode"

2. Possible voiding of firestore warrenty.

3. P2store is "safe," host mode not so much...

What do you all think?