View Full Version : GL2/1 the right camera for my purposes?

Joe Busch
February 9th, 2007, 03:58 PM
Right now I've been using an Elura 2 MC... I didn't even realize it had a progressive scan mode (Wasn't my camera)...

Now I have an HV10 I'm "renting" persay... someone else paid for it so I could film for them.

Either way I film paintball tournaments/practices... edit + put music to it... to sell on DVD's (Nothing big) or put on the internet

Those were all done with the Elura 2... compressed and my firewire port on the Elura doesn't work so I have a pinnacle studios Movie-box to import the footage... and Vegas to edit (the last one) Studio 9 for the other 3...


I'm wondering if the HV10 is going to take better footage for what I'm doing... or would it be smarter to invest in a GL1/2...

I've seen some video from the HV10 and think it looks amazing for the price ($900)... I haven't seen much from the GL2.

Also what is the raw resolution of the GL2 footage? 720 x 480?

Greg Hartzell
February 11th, 2007, 09:27 AM
Hey Joe,

The answer to all of your questions is, it depends on what your after. Do you like using cameras like the elura and the hv10? These are consumer cams that don't have the features a gl is going to have. hv10 is going to beat the gl for resolution and probably in latitude, but I would think that features like manual focus and at least the use of exposure compensation would be useful given the nature of your content. But, if you aren't acustomed to shooting that way, then you might not care about these extra features and then you coud go for the resolution.

Search canons website for a gl manual and that should provide you with all the specs.

Chris Hurd
February 11th, 2007, 09:36 AM
The GL2 is standard definition DV at 720 x 480. The HV10 is high definition HDV. There are many, many other differences but the big consideration is, do you want to shoot DV or HDV.

Joe Busch
February 11th, 2007, 07:15 PM
Doesn't matter, I just want it to look good.

The Elura is pretty adjustable, I set normally set the whitebalance / shutter myself... let the auto-focus do whatever.

The HV10 I received the day before and didn't have a chance to learn anything about it, it was pretty much like the Elura but in HD.

And it's not that I like consumer cams, it's just what was available for free. I'm only 17... without a job...

If the quality of the footage is going to be significantly better with a GL2 over an HV10... the resolution isn't a big deal...

A.) DVD's are 720x480... Consumer made HD-DVD's are far away... They run like $20 per disk right now, plus burners are ridiculous... and nobody has players...
B.) I'll resize the footage for the internet anyways (Maybe slightly bigger... 1280 x 720 at the most)

But if the HV10 is like taking Elura or another single CCD quality... and stretching it across a bigger resolution... but not really gaining any quality... Not sure if that's what I want.

I've seen videos like mine made with an HDR-HC3... (HV10 equivalent) and they look pretty good, a lot better than the Elura. But I don't know if I've seen GL2 footage specifically. The paintball video "companies" are using 3CCD cameras... but they don't mention who.

Some kids actually have HDR-FX1s and have been making some videos... they actually didn't look too different from the HDR-HC3 or HV10 videos...


Aside from resolution, will the GL2 provide enough quality?

for DVD's I'll size the footage down to 720 x 480... so resolution isn't the biggest deal.


I had the shutter at 1/2000 for both FPS videos, I think the quality in the first one is a lot better than the second... the second looks grainy for a lot of it.

Robert M Wright
February 16th, 2007, 01:09 PM
You might consider getting a JVC GY-DV300U, if you want to get cost effective, high quality SD. On the whole, I think you'll find the quality you can achieve will be slightly better than with a GL.

Joe Busch
February 21st, 2007, 07:28 PM
I got the footage from the HV10...

I don't think an SD camera can compete...

1920 x 1080... everything looks amazing... 60fps is smooth, and can be converted to progressive easily...

Either way, I'm gonna stick with the "free" HV10... :)

Joe Busch
February 27th, 2007, 02:40 PM

If anyone cares...

I think the HV10 is better for what I wanted ;) Even the sized down footage looks great