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Merlin Vandenbossche
March 13th, 2007, 02:22 PM
Hi all,

I'm currently thinking about buying myself an ext. microphone for the excellent XM-2 camera. Whilst surfing the net looking for shops rather close-by, I came across:

I really like the quality (I've heard the mic quality from a friend on a Panasonic DVC-30) and price so I'm giving this one serious consideration. But offcourse I'm only looking for mics that go with the camera, now the last lines in the description caught my attention:

"The VideoMic attaches to any Camcorder that has the standard hot-shoe fitting and utilizes a stereo mini jack for audio output."

I know the XM-2/GL-2 has a "advanced accesoiry shoe", but I suppose it isn't neccesarily the same as a "standard" one. Will I be able to succesfully fit both, do you think? I also do not have the extra XLR from Canon. But I suppose the mini-jack goes into the "mic" line in on the camera. (sorry if the question seems dumb, I'm definitely new to audio)

Do you recommend any other mics? (online ordering perhaps?)

Kind regards,


Erik Bien
April 2nd, 2007, 12:08 AM

I use the Rode VideoMic with my GL-2 and I love it! The "Advanced Accessory Shoe" is exactly the same size as a garden-variety hot shoe (it just has some 'Canon-specific' wiring to do things like run the MA-300 dual-XLR adapter), the Rode fits it just fine.

The VideoMic is mono, but it outputs its signal on both channels of the 1/8th inch stereo miniplug, so yes, it plugs right into the 'external mic' jack on the right side of your camera. (If stereo is important to you, Rode now makes a slightly bigger, heavier and more expensive X-Y stereo mic that connects the same way.)

The shock mount really cuts down on handling noise, the 'low-cut' filter helps minimize wind noise (my next purchase is their 'Dead Cat' windscreen, since I do a lot of outdoor shooting), and the Rode is a huge improvement over the built-in mic in terms of directionality and picking out dialog in noisy locations. One 9v battery powers mine for hours of tape shot over weeks.

I also picked up a 'Samson AirLine' wireless lavalier; since it, too has a "two-channel mono" output, I can plug it *AND* the VideoMic into a cheap Radio Shack dual-1/8-inch-mono-to-1/8-inch-stereo adapter and run one mic to each channel (the GL-2s 'manual audio' level knobs are your friends here to balance the signals). You probably won't want the 'ambient' mic all on one channel and the 'talent' mic all on the other, but that's easily addressed in post.

As far as ordering, I bought my GL-2 and both mics through B&H photo. Their prices, selection and reputation are tough to beat and (as long as you don't place your order over a Jewish holiday) they ship quickly to boot.

Best of Luck!

Dale Guthormsen
April 3rd, 2007, 09:37 PM

I have this exacvt mic for my gl2 and it has very good sound. I have also used it on my xl2, the price makes it a no brainer as someone else told me in the past when I was considering the same thing!!!

go to a hard ware store and buy a few o rings as the can easily come off without knowing. I keep spares in my kit bag.

you wont be disappointed, if you use it properly.

Chad Ream
April 4th, 2007, 03:52 PM
I will agree that the Rode Video Mic has my expectations. The only concern that I have noticed is that when moving... you can hear the shock mount rocking back and forth a little. I may just have to replace the bands.


Jean Rivera
April 4th, 2007, 05:40 PM
I don't know your budget.

But I use Sennheiser wireless system. Work excellent with the canon gl2. The receivers are lightweight and do not spoil too much the weight balance of the camera.

I also used two receivers on the camera with a stereo Y on the imput for 2 lavalier system. Very good performance.

Combo prices @ $700 at online stores.