View Full Version : Your Absolute FAVORITE Accessory?

Gregg Sullivan
March 20th, 2007, 01:05 AM
Ok folks, because I love to hear you all brag about your toys (hey, don't we all?) here is what I hope you find to be a juicy question.

What is your all time, numbah one, fav-o-rite accessory for use with the Canon GL1/GL2 line of prosumer grade cameras?

Any category is fine, add more than one category if you feel strongly about several. If you can remember the price that would be good as well and if you know where a good deal can be had on it, let us in on it (or as much as the board will allow you to reference a good link, that is).

Thanks for the feedback!

Graham Bernard
March 20th, 2007, 01:24 AM
Why? - Do you have need for the same? What area of accessorizing are you interested in? Personally I prefer pearls and sling-backs - lol!

The other "thing" is that because you are asking for a favourite add-on, then ostensibly this add-on could then very well be used with ANOTHER camera, and thus making the point of asking/posting here kinda unfortunate. - See?

So, on 2 counts: 1) Very generalised, 2)Canon specific - I found it hard to make a reply - yeah? Other than to underline how difficult it IS to reply.

OK, enough of my perseveration - <Drum-Roll> The Canon WD58h. This is one great piece of nicely priced wide angle adaptor from Canon - the same people that make great SLR cameras ( think about THAT for a moment!) - unlike "other" camcorder makers/manufacturers. PLUS, it comes with its very own funky/pro hoodie! My most LEAST valued Canon purchase? The VL3 light ( which I did buy). It looks puny. It is puny and takes up an important shoe. It's total pants!!!