View Full Version : 24P in DVD studio Pro

Daniel Monahan
March 22nd, 2007, 06:36 PM
Any reason why DVDSP won't recognize any of the video shot on my A1 in 24P? It imported/exported just fine into FCP, but now none of those .mov files will import into DVDSP.

Any suggestions?


Dom Stevenson
March 23rd, 2007, 03:49 AM
when you open DVDSP go to file - preferences and check the project is in fact in HDV. Having said that we don't want to make the final movie HD if its going onto a DVD do we?

Here's what i do:

Shoot in 25f (i'm in PAL country)
Make sure the easy setup is configured to accept 25 so your easy set up box should end up reading:

Sequence preset: HDV - 1080p25
Capture Preset: HDV
Device control Preset: HDV Firewire 25 fps

Edit till you're happy.

go to file - export - quicktime movie which i save to my desktop

open Compressor and drag the quicktime movie to the source media area on the left hand side of the Batch window.
In the settings column of the batch window choose the option "high quality DVD under 90 mins (or whatever it is) and choose All.
You'll end up with a an AIFF file, a Dolby AC3 file and the mpeg 2 media file.
Highlight the AIFF file and press the back key to delete it. The AC3 is fine and you don't need two Audio files so get rid of the big clunky(AIFF) one.
You'll end up with the other two files on your desktop which you can then import into DVDSP as normal, and since compressor has done all the work you can run off a normal DVD quickly.
No doubt there are many other ways of doing this.
This works for me.