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Tom E Young May 10th, 2004 07:50 PM

I did phone Panasonic
I did call Panasonic Canada today a few times because they transfered me a few times and then the phone disconnected a few times. One women spoke to me and said I do not know what I am asking about gs400 because there is no such video camcorder. I asked how big the ccds was and she told me all Panasonic cams have big ccds. I asked her if its good in low light and she told me all Panasonics are good in low light. I asked her if Panasonics are good for gun and gun home video and she said is up to you. I asked her about the gs400 again and she became angry saying I am stupid because there is no such video camcorder. She disconnected the line.

I called back many more times and became passed around and another person did speak to me. I asked him about ccd sizes and he said Panasonics have at least 10 times zoom. I said I want to know about ccd size not lens zooming size and he said to check the Panasonic web site. I asked him then about if this video camcorder gs400 is good for run and gun home video. He hung up on me. I am very mad now and not going to buy Panasonic because Panasonic is stupid. I do not know why they have a phone number in the phone book because they do not know anything. I am going to stick with Canon because they know more and I have called them before and asked them questions and they are always helpful. Sorry about this but I am mad at Panasonic and I am not going to talk to them again.

I did write this in text editer so everything is okay.

Frank Granovski May 10th, 2004 08:05 PM

This is a very strange post, Tom. Please forgive me for moving it.

Regarding Panasonic Canada, perhaps ask to speak with someone in tech support if it so moves you to call them again.

Tom E Young May 10th, 2004 08:27 PM

It is okay I am just mad at Panasonic and will phone them back tomorrow and ask to talk to Panasonic tech person. I will ask them if the new Sony is better then pv-dv953 and gs400. I will post what they tell me. Cross your fingers.

George Beck May 11th, 2004 10:19 PM

Tom,... you are setting yourself up to be disappointed again =)
don't get angry at the nice cam, for the Canadian stupid management. ;-)

The people on the phone most of the times answer very simple questions, and basically probably just "pull" the specifications of the cam with a program and read from there. Since GS400 is not yet in their data base they are clueless. And even the top managemant are in the dark about the cam, and don't have any specs. Thats why they are still waiting to decide weather or not to get the cam to Canada.

I doubt that Matsushita has given the full specs to anyone. It looks like the few specs given away were not intended by any means.

I am in the same boat.. can't wait to get this cam, but at the moment the only place to fish for info is internet, and looking for accessoaries also helps =)

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