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Cliff Totten August 23rd, 2017 07:36 PM

Sony's answer to EVA-1 and GH5?
So IBC is almost here. Is Sony going to fight the EVA-1 and GH5 with its current Fs5/Fs7 and A7s?

The EVA-1 has a massive advantage over Sony with its 5.7k sensor readout. Im a huge fan of oversampling and Sony has done amazing 5k and 6k readout with itsA6300/6500, A7r, RX10 series and Z150. Unfortunaty, their Fs5 and Fs7 are stuck with the old Fs700's 1:1 readout that produces a rather soft 4k image in my opinion.

The GH5 is truly spectacular. Its 5k readout and 10bit HDMI output is stunning with VLog. You can grade with absurd curves and pay no banding price whatsoever in ProRes HQ. The GH5 puts out a virtualy indestructable 10bit image with decent light.

How will Sony answer these challanges? Do they sit back and do nothing, or do they grit their teeth, bite the bullet and give the A7s-III or A9s....wait for it........10bit HDMI out? This is something that Sony REALLY doesnt want to do and would only do it under extreme sales pressure!

Will they release an "Fs1" with full frame and 10bit out? Again, Sony will HATE to give 10bit 4k at a $6-7,000 price point.

Will Sony finally bury the Fs700 sensor and FINALLY do what Alpha is doing and go 5k-6k sensor readout?

I really friggin hope so! Sony already forced me to buy a GH5...now, Sony,...please dont force me to buy an EVA-1 !!

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