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Stuart McAlister April 17th, 2014 01:45 PM

Multi-formats on the same card ...?
Here's a condunrum for anyone who fancies it:

I quoted for a job which was simply shooting GVs in 50i. As the Easter weekend arrived, the client decided that as they're coming here to shoot the GVs anyway, they might as well shoot the same list but in both PAL and NTSC, and in all their possible frame rates.

Here's their wish list:

Frame rates in 50 Hz

Frame rates in 59.94 Hz
24p (23.98p)
PF30 (29.97p)

I will be using a Canon C100 and a Ninja-2 and I very much doubt that the SDD in the Ninja will be capable of capturing both standards and all frame rates on the same card.

Is the answer to shoot PAL on one SDD and NTSC on another, or will the system refuse to capture multiple frame rates on the same card?

Your thoughts on how the above can be accomplished would be gratefully received.


Stuart McAlister April 18th, 2014 11:02 PM

Re: Multi-formats on the same card ...?
Just so you know, Atomos answered the above question;

"There is no need to swap SSDs when switching frame rates. The Ninja 2 has no difficulty in recording multiple formats to the same drive. Including switching between PAL and NTSC."

So now you know.

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