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Alex Chong January 7th, 2007 06:55 PM

Which AVCHD HD Camcorder does the best in low light?
Hi All,

I am posting here for the first time. I have a quick question if anyone cares to help me answer. I have been reading and got a lot of stuff about AVCHD HD camcorder like the new Sony HDD HDR-SR1 camcorder. However, the review on the low light performance at 15 lux is about the same as most camcorder at this range. But compared with Canon XH A1 (of course being a more expensive prosumer device), the Sony camcorder falls short alot. The Canon low light performance is amazing even at 15 lux.

Now, my question is basically, which inexpensive camcorder will do a good job at low light condition? Don't have to compare with Canon XH A1, but compared with other camcorder in its price range. I need it to be HD so SR1 is an option for me. But the thought of using HDD as a recording media may not be to my liking. Prefers DV. So is Sony HDR-SR1 camcorder low light performance good? Can I get a decent video even with say a candle light in a room condition or I have to fix up some lighting to light up the scenes. I have an MX500 panasonic, I have to say the low light performance is crappy to the core. I am surprise why camcorders aren't designed for low light performance as well as on a daylight shoot. Now I know better to test a camcorder I buy based on its low light shots rather than day time shots (of course both equally the same). Thanks in advance.

Jack Zhang January 7th, 2007 10:36 PM

the Sony cams use Nightshot which is an infrared filter that projects infrared light onto subjects so you can shoot in total darkness.

Alex Chong January 8th, 2007 12:41 AM

Thanks for the reply. But unfortunately unless I am shooting wildlife scenes without the element of surprise, the infrared nightshot is pretty much useless to me. I would prefer to rely on the capability of the camcorder itself without any digital assistance in capturing nightscenes with just the surrounding lights like moonlight, bulbs and such. I know camcorder like Panasonic DVX100 does a good job as my bro has one and the night shot came out very nice. The difference with shooting night scenes with a cheaper panasonic camcorder is that the whole scenes is dark and grainy (even with gain).

Sony on the other hand does well in low light, my question is how good is it? Can I take a Sony SR1 and shoot a night scene and capture the scenes with little noise as possible or am I forced to fork out USD4500 to get the canon XH A1 that will definitely give good result at low light (15 lux). Sorry for such a lengthy question. Unless I have a whole range of camcorders to test in the same low light environment, I really would not have any clue as to which one will come out better. I have made a mistake with my MX500. I dont want to make a second mistake.

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