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Jan Luethje April 7th, 2008 04:46 AM

Installing Xpress Pro on two platforms

I got xpress pro 5.8 on a Macbook Pro and would also like to install it
on my Pentium IV Windows-Desktop. Is this possible? I'm a little bit scared, that my Dongle could be influenced / altered somehow by installing/using the same software on a mac and on a windows platform...

David Parks April 7th, 2008 08:27 AM

Your dongle won't be damaged by a dual install on your PC and Mac. This is a major selling point for Avid. At my NASA contractor clients studios, they have installed Xpress 5.8 on an HP Centrino Pro notebook and a Quad Core Mac and they just move the dongle back and forth.

Except for the fact that you won't get the same performance from your P4 as your MacBook, everything should work fine.


I should mention a software bug in the MAC version of Xpress 5.8 that I encountered last week while trying to digitze 1080/30f from a Canon XHA1. If you digitze to a PC formatted FAT 32 or NTFS drive, you will get a cryptic error meggage as soon as you start capture from any deck or camera. My work around was using DVHSCap and then importing the m2t's into my Xpress project which worked fine. This problem won't show up if you capture to a MAC formatted drive.


Jan Luethje April 8th, 2008 05:38 AM

Hi Dave,

thank you very much, that helped me a lot.

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