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Herman Chen May 2nd, 2010 01:35 AM

Access Denied

I've tried searching around a little bit for this solution, but I'm in a bit of a panic mode. I created a project in AVID Media Composer 3. And much to my ignorance, I dragged my folder full of footage into that newly created folder while AVID was open. And now whenever I try to access that folder in any way, it says "Access Denied" ... You do not have the rights, etc...

I'm using Windows XP 64bit. If you've had this problem before, please shine some light!


Fixed. I found a workaround to fixing it. I'm not sure (though I am sure) that it's probably something inherent in Avid that makes the folder become sensitive, but I booted up in Safe Mode in Windows XP. Then I changed the security settings by right clicking the folder -> Properties -> Security -> Adding the administrator back onto the list of user names with access to the folder.

John Mitchell May 5th, 2010 06:02 AM

That's a Windoze issue. Avid only works on Vista 64 if you have full Admin rights as a user but if you go to the release notes for Avid it does describe a workaround for the Power users group.

Remember Avid is only qualified on Vista Pro not Vista Home (same with XP) - one of the key differences between the two versions is the way they treat user security. You won't be able to change security settings or share folders in the same way on microsoft's Home versions.

BTW - your media files should always reside in the Avid MediaFiles\MXF\1 or 2 etc directory. Don't know why you would drag media to any other folder. Best never to keep media on your system drive - you will experience playback errors when the OS tries to access that drive.

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