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Urban Skargren June 23rd, 2017 03:49 PM

Canon C100 mark ii audio quality and 25P/PF25
Hi! I am shooting a project on the Canon C100 mark ii and it that needs to be shot in 25fps but I see that true 25fps is only available in the MP4 format, not in AVCHD. In MP4 it is not called "25P" but rather "PF25", which is "25P progressive, recorded as 50i" according to the manual.

However, in MP4 the sound quality is "only" AAC, whereas in AVCHD you will get Linear PCM quality (which is supposedly much better).

This raises two questions:

- Is it easy to convert Canon's "25PF" to "true 25P" in post?
- Is the AAC sound quality workable? Or does it mess up as soon as somebody wants to filter it a bit in post?

I already did a sound test but could not hear any audible difference. Did not do any post on it though.

Rainer Listing June 25th, 2017 04:54 AM

Re: Canon C100 mark ii audio quality and 25P/PF25
No response? OK. 25PsF captures a frame at the same time and stores the odd lines in one field and the even lines in the other. It seemed to work pretty well in the DV days, never recall any trouble with an XL2. But with 1080, it all turned to s**t. Maybe because I mainly edited in Vegas. Any sort of post caused all kinds of problems with jaggies, field and cadence errors.
NLE's tend to interpret PF footage as i. You should just be able to tell your NLE to treat the PF footage as P, no need for further conversion, but it didn't work that way for me. Workaround was to deinterlace every clip. You shouldn't have to bother doing that and maybe you won't have to, maybe experiment. I just wish Canon would drop PF. My experience might be unusual and I hope some others will chip in and maybe tell you different.
I've never been too fussed about whether camera captured sound was AAC or LPCM, so can't help with that.

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