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Andrew McMillan October 9th, 2008 04:18 PM

canon 5d or hvx 200
Well I have been thinking about replacing my trusty dsr 300. I was leaning towards an hpx 500, but due to a sudden change that's way out of our reach. So I was thinking about an ex1 or an hvx 200, but now even the 5d. The cam will be used for shorts and commercial spots that would air in SD. If we were to go with one of the conventional hd cams we would need an adaptor for the look were going for.

This is all hypothetically based on the fact that canon would most likely add 24p to the 5d. Plus a beachtek audio adapter and a matte box the 5d could be actually quite workable.

So what's the workflow like an a 5d and final cut pro.

So what do you guys think would look better once edited and transfered to either dvd or dvcam tape for sd cable broadcast.

Chris Hurd October 9th, 2008 04:33 PM


Originally Posted by Andrew McMillan (Post 948997)
... canon would most likely add 24p to the 5d.

Don't count on that!

I'm aware of the big internet effort petitioning Canon to add 24p to the 5D Mk. II, but I strongly urge you not to bank on them making any changes to that camera. Also, in my opinion a D-SLR with an HD recording mode is just that -- first and foremost, it is above all a *stills* camera. It happens to have an HD mode but video recording is not its primary function. It is definitely *not* a replacement for a real camcorder. I believe you'll be much better off with the HVX200.

Jon Fairhurst October 9th, 2008 05:02 PM

I think it comes down to how much motion you expect, and maybe how much re-coloring you expect to do.

No doubt, a 3-CCD cam like the HVX is great for whip pans. Having rented the HVX, it's a bit noisy (though the noise is reasonably attractive.) It's also softer than pro HD cams, but that should be no problem when going to SD.

The HVX also offers accessible controls, XLR audio and variable framerates.

If you can get lots of light, the HVX is a good contender.

With the 5D, you will need external audio. It won't work well for fast motion. It clearly rocks in low light. As you mentioned, frame rates are VERY limited.

As for recoloring... I've seen some 5D material with crushed lows and highs. Some feel it's overly noise-reduced and cartoony. My son recolored some captures by selectively de-saturating and changing the luma curve, and the result held up. It might not hold up so well if you push the saturation and do radical color work. Then again, the dynamic range and bit depth of the HVX isn't exactly stellar...

What else? There's the 5-minute clip limit.

Maybe the worst point is that I don't believe that you can adjust the shutter on the 5D. For a true film look, you not only want 24p, but you want 180 degrees of shutter. The HVX will definitely do 24/180.

You might consider renting the 5D and some lenses. In the states, the body will probably rent for about $150/day. Great lenses are well under $50/day. If you like the results, you will be able to buy with confidence. If you don't, you can avoid a bad choice. The 5D is the riskier choice, so it makes sense to try before you buy.

Best of luck with your decision.

Andrew McMillan October 9th, 2008 05:21 PM

well if canon doesn't do 24p or any shutter or frame controls I'm out anyway. I guess I am just betting that this would be a super cheap ultimate indie camera. I will defiantly have to rent one.

Andrew McMillan October 9th, 2008 05:24 PM

I am also pretty happy with what the unaltered video output looks like. A little correction just to iron out the kinks, but nothing to extreme.

Andrew McMillan October 9th, 2008 08:19 PM

any body know how the hdmi works i never got a good answer?

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