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Wayne Avanson December 30th, 2009 10:48 AM

Preferred conversion filetypes
So I finally upgraded to Final Cut Studio 3 with FCP7 and now the ProRes 422 LT is available to me. Nice.

I've previously been converting my 5D2 files to XDCAM HD 30fps 35Mb/s and fairly happy with the results. They stay clean and bright and sharp and the file size is similar to the original files off the cam. But I've always felt like most people using Mac/FCP have been using the ProRes 422 and I wasn't able to due to the overheads on my system (late 96 15" MacBookPro 233) so I've got the impression that the XDCAM HD is a poor relation…

BUT! I've converted a clip to ProRes 422LT now using Compressor and one using MPEG Streamclip and the end result isn't as good. The one from Compressor seems a bit more yellowy and the one from Streamclip seems a little duller than the original, both in colours and tones. Only the XDCAM version comes really close. The pics aren't cr*p by any means, just not as good.

Has anyone any cracking good workflows that they would recommend. How do people feel generally about XDCAM versus ProRes LT?

Also, while we're on the subject, has anyone got an 'easy setup' file for FCP7 for the ProRes LT settings so I can experiment more? I have been using a sequence but want to make sure ALL my seetings are optimal.

As you can tell, File formats etc, is something I struggle with a bit…

Thanks, people


Wayne Avanson January 4th, 2010 10:11 AM

anyone help on this?

Nigel Barker January 4th, 2010 11:03 AM

We (my wife actually as she does the editing) have always used ProRes422 converted using MPEG Streamclip ever since we gave up on trying to edit the native files. Since we got FCS3.0 we have used ProRes 422 (LT). The videos look identical but the file sizes are smaller with the (LT) version. We have no complaints regarding picture quality or colour casts etc I have found it easier & quicker to batch up all the files required for a project in MPEG Streamclip rather than using Compressor.

Wayne, PM me & we can exchange some sample files that we can each process & then compare results.

Sean Parker January 4th, 2010 07:18 PM

I think I know what you mean about colors being a tad duller when going into 422 in MPEG Streamclip. I'm not too bothered by this though, it's something that (from what I can tell) is easily adjustable in post. I'm a ProRes-Streamclip supporter for sure.

Wayne Avanson January 6th, 2010 04:57 AM

Sean and Nigel,
I like the MPEG Streamclip batch processing too, and wondered what easy setups you use in FCP to edit in?


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