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Micky Hulse January 22nd, 2011 12:54 AM

Magic Lantern AEB in manual mode?

Anyone know if this is possible? I read in the ML docs that "M" mode is not supported with the ML's AEB.

I was kinda hoping the docs were not up-to-date or something... Hoping that the latest release of ML has overcome this limitation?

I typically always try to shoot in M mode... Not to familiar with the other settings that the ML AEB is compatible with.

My goal is to use ML for HDRI (not video).

Any thoughts!


Micky Hulse January 22nd, 2011 02:34 AM

Ahhh, maybe AEB is not available in "M" mode, but "Shutter Bracketing" is?

Found this when digging through the source code:


**HDR Brack**
AE Bracketing for HDR images and timelapses.

Select number of images with ``SET`` and step size with ``DISP``. To turn this off quickly, press ``Q``.

In ``M`` mode, this function does shutter bracketing. In the other modes it does exposure compensation bracketing.

HDR images can be taken with:

* ML remote triggers: LCD face sensor & audio trigger.
* ML intervalometer (for HDR timelapse)
* Press the shutter. In this case, the first image will have the middle exposure (without EV compensation), and the 2-second self-timer will be used. Also, this mode only works with 3 images or more.
I hope this is not too OT for a video forum, but could someone confirm that you can do shutter bracketing in M mode with ML and the 5DMKII?

I am looking to purchase the MKII and not being able to freely bracket my shots would be a deal breaker. :(

Any help you all could provide would be spectacular!

Many thanks in advance!


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