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Thierry Humeau May 4th, 2012 05:40 AM

MK3 Audio Delay

I recorded audio straight to the MK3 on a 25-minute interview yesterday and the resulting clips have a 2-frame delay. I could see a slight delay in the MK3 LCD while filming but I thought this was just a result of the live monitoring and would go away on playback. No luck. I fed the interviewee lav mic into a brand new SoundDevices Mix-PreD (recommended for DSLR audio) mixer and use the DSLR out with their Lemo to mini cable to connect it to the camera. I verified that there is no delay out of the Mix-PerD, delay is introduced by the MK3.

Anyone seen a delay?

Steve Oakley May 13th, 2012 10:25 PM

Re: MK3 Audio Delay
Hi Theirry

long time no chat ! yup dslr's have some delay between picture and sound. I saw about 1 frame on t2i / 60D's and I'm not surprised at 2 frames on mkIII. basically canon is failing to compensate for the delay in video processing / compression compared to whatever they do with sound. best thing is to visually slate and use dual system sound... or get used to sliding sound 2 frames. that said, canon's dslr sound leaves so much to be desired its not worth anything except reference track or oh S@#$! backup

Steve oakley

Charles Newcomb May 14th, 2012 06:55 AM

Re: MK3 Audio Delay
I'm pleased to say that has not been my experience with the MK3. I have actually been delighted with its audio capabilities over the 60D and the MK2. Of course, I have yet to record any long interviews... about ten minutes max, so far. I'll admit I still dual record to the camera and to the Sony PCM 10, just in case, but knock on wood I've not needed the backup. The audio I record from one or two Sony wireless mics straight into the camera, with the camera's audio gain set to just under half way, has been crystal clear and in sync.

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