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Berni deNina July 1st, 2003 09:46 PM

shotgun mic with light??
I’m a rookie at this, I wanted to purchase a shotgun type mic but I also need the light (VL-3) because most of my filming is done inside nightclubs. So how do I use both with out buying MA-300? I almost bought the MA-300 only because I was going to use it to hold the mic….any suggestions……

Ken Tanaka July 1st, 2003 10:36 PM

You can use the light or the MA-300, but not both. The general gist if you want to use the VL-3 light: you'll need to mount a mic via a 3rd party bracket.

See this thread for a few additional remarks.

Berni deNina July 1st, 2003 10:47 PM


Scott Silverman July 1st, 2003 11:21 PM

If you want to use the MA-300 to hold your mic and you need a light, there is a way. You can use the MA-300 to mount your mic in and then you could buy the VL-10Li light instead of the VL-3 and mount it on top of the MA-300. This is possible because the VL-10Li light is not powered by the camera, it uses its own battery.

Ken Tanaka July 1st, 2003 11:33 PM

Scott is quite correct. The VL-10Li uses the same type of battery that the GL1/GL2 uses and is not electrically connected to the camera at all. Since it's a shoe-mounted light, albeit a cold shoe mount, it could fit on the top of the MA-300 (which has a cold shoe).

The only issue would be that the light's beam would be aiming much higher than normal and might mainly miss its targets. The beam of the light also cannot be tilted.

Graham Bernard July 2nd, 2003 12:09 AM

My 2 pennies worth. I think Canon lost the design plot here. They just ran out of steam. How difficult would it have been to have the "cold" shoe atop the MA300 having its own supply to a VL3?

NB: There is a "warning" on the MA300 housing, saying, "ONLY FOR MICROPHONES".

I can only think this is to cover themselves that in the event that an individual should use anything more a)heavier b)hotter - than a light weigth cold item like a microphone, they can say we told you so. - No where have I seen any suggestion that a "light" could be slipped into the cold shoe.

Scott, apart from what I said above, the VL10 + Battery [ what size do you use up there! ] IMHO, must produce an inordinate physical forward "moment" being transferred down to the plastic MA300 male foot - yeah?

I've, for the moment, "fudged" this knotty issue by telling myself that I'm unlikely to do interviews where I would be doing/needing the VL3 - like a club, where it's noisy and the light levels are low [ I'm being ironic here! ]. To use my Senni and MA300, I need "usable" liight levels.

. . . interesting thread . . . C'mon Canon - we ARE telling you something! Please listen.

Ken - thanks for the heads up on the, "...beam of the light also cannot be tilted" this was the last nail in the coffin for me to purchase the VL10.



Tustin Larson July 5th, 2003 08:00 PM

You could always use a Mini Rover and put the mic in that shoe, and the light on the cam's shoe. I have done this a few times... works great!

Hope this helps,

Graham Bernard July 6th, 2003 01:55 AM

Yes . . but then:

1) - I've got the MA300

2) - I don't have another XLR adapter!

3) - Seen the Rover, my hand would have to come away from the camera .

Hey Ho!


Tustin Larson July 6th, 2003 12:31 PM

Ok Grazie,

I think you have a few options...

1) You can use the MA300.... put the mic on top of it, and the light on the MINI ROVER... You can diffuse the light with a few strips of laminating plastic... seen here.....

2) Have no FEAR about using the MINI ROVER... I have included a web link with a picture of how to keep BOTH HANDS on the camera.... and still use the MINI ROVER....

I hope this helps,

Berni deNina July 6th, 2003 03:18 PM

thanks guys i think i found what i was looking for...i really didn’t want to spend 250 bux on a mount...to use a light and a mic at the same time..i found a $4 shoe adapter that holds both! I still wanted to my vl3 instead of the vl10…it gets top heavy…other then that it does what im looking for….

Matt Elias July 6th, 2003 04:10 PM

Berni, where did you find the $4 adaptor? I'm in the same situation as you.

To the mini rover experts - if I were to connect a mic to the rover's accessory shoe, how would I power it?

Tustin Larson July 6th, 2003 04:37 PM

Matt... To power a boom mic on the ROVERS shoe, you will need a phantom powered mixer or get a mic that offers battery power (Senn ME66/K6)... To be able to use it with the GL2 you would need an XLR adapter box ( Signvideo/Beachtek/MA300)etc.

I hope this helps,

Matt Elias July 6th, 2003 05:29 PM

Tustin, what if I were to use the DM-50 on the GL 2's accessory shoe and then connect a VL-10Li light to the mini rover? Will the light point in the right direction still?

Ryan McCrary July 6th, 2003 10:24 PM

say you get a xlr box that mounts underneath the camera.. and use the hotshoe for a light..

is there a way to attach a mic to the camera still without the rover?

Tustin Larson July 7th, 2003 08:26 AM

Matt.... if the light is diffused it will look great.... I have done this a few times before.... worked great!

Ryan.... There are a ton of shoe adapters out these days.... I am sure you could find one that will place both objects towards the center of the cam....

Hope this helps,

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