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Calvin Chang February 26th, 2004 02:06 PM

TRV-19 as 2nd CAM for GL-2

After compare with ZR/TRV in store and web reviews. I order a TRV-19 as a backup/deck camcorder for my GL-2(With WD-58H).
I lost back battery/charger with this way but I really don't like ZR indoor performance.

The questions are:

1. I'm using Panasonic MQ tape for GL-2. And I plan to use TRV-19 as render deck and fun camcorder.

Will that be OK to feed Panasonic MQ tape with TRV-19?
I've read some posts on forums about 'SONY CAM not react well with some brand tapes.' issues.

But I want to make my tape supply simple and easy. I know mixing tape brand is not a good idea.

2. Are both SONY .6x(vcl-0630s) and .7x(vcl-gh0730) 'zoom through'? I know my WD-58H is and I love it. So WA is a MUST for me. So I would like to hear comment from users who really use it.

Thanks for you kindly share/read this post.


John C Heid March 6th, 2004 08:19 AM

I have a question related to your post, but I'm sorry I can't answer your question.

I am about to order a GL2 as a "fun" camera (travel, vacations) since the XL-1S MA200 is so large. My intention is to keep common chargers, battery packs, menu, etc.

Do you see this as a mistake, since you have a GL2 and you bought a different camera as your "fun" camera? Were you just looking for something smaller, heavier duty, or what?

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