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Barrie M. Yacher May 6th, 2005 06:38 PM

Sticking a mono mini mike jack into our GL2
I have to decide if I will try to stick a mono mini mike jack into my GL2 and see if it will end up sending mono audio through both channels of our stereo microphone jack. I had read that I could do that when I used my Hi8 camera whose mini mike jack was a stereo one. I didn't know if that hurts our camera. Over the years, I have used a Azden mini size mixer (that is how I describe it because it could clip to our camera side grip and doesn't require any power). It allows you to jack 2 mono mikes into separate channels 1 and 2 and then output a stereo mix into a mini stereo plug into our camera. When you use only 1 microphone at a time then the sound either comes through on the left or right side. I wanted the one channel of sound to come through both sides. I was worried that sticking a mono jack into our stereo female doesn't make a reliable connection and I didn't want to find that my sound wasn't good because the contacts weren't tight. Once using a mono microphone on my HI8 camera, I was forced to jiggle it around during the actual filming because the contact wasn't good. Does anyone have an opinion? I wanted not to carrry my Azden mini mixer around this time since I would only want one microphone (one channel) to be needed for the entire program.

David Ennis May 7th, 2005 06:32 AM

There is no inherent harm in plugging a mono plug into a stereo jack, but you will get one-channel sound as you describe. To remedy that, you use something like this $3 adapter from Radio Shack:


The only problem, and this apparently happened with the other camera you mentioned, is that the metal contact arrangement inside the camera's jack is fairly easily bent by sideways pressure or inadvertant impact on the protruding plug. After that, electrical contact can be faulty. 90 plugs greatly reduce this risk, but I haven't seen one yet that does mono to stereo conversion like the one in the link above.

If you will be editing your footage on a computer and then copying back to tape or making CDs or DVDs, then the best solution is probably to get a 90 plug adapter for your microphone, record into one channel, then copy that channel to the other channel in the editing program.

If you care to invest in audio equipment for your GL2 you can get an XLR adapter that optionally mounts to the camera or between the camera and a tripod, provides routing of one or two inputs to single or both channels, and accepts connections to high quality microphones and other audio equipment via rugged, snap-lock XLR connectors.

Adam Christopher May 7th, 2005 07:39 AM

Barry, since you mentioned it, what kind of Azden mixer was that? Is the quality good? I maybe could use one of those.

Barrie M. Yacher May 7th, 2005 07:50 PM

Mini Audio Mixer-fits on hand grip- takes 2 mono imputs
To: Adam Christopher. I looked up the model of the Azden mixer that I use. It is called the Azden Cam-3, cam corder mini audio mixer. I found a picture of it on Amazon.com. Listed there for $42.99. I didn't remember spending that much. I looked at the picture of the Radio Schack adapter. That would do the trick. Or I can continue with some form of having sound on only one channel and fix it in editing. I guess I was suddenly afraid of what would happen if my repeat customer, after 3 years, has suddenly purchased a t.v. with stereo, and would now discover that I was only sending sound over one side.

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