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Bill Hardy November 5th, 2002 08:44 AM

Better from the camcorder
This I know; Making a copy from the computer with SVHS line out to VHS, I gave a copy to my customers for a review. Next they say changes had to be made, but this time I exported the footage to the camera first, then to a VHS copy. Not only did I notice the VHS copy looked much better; the wedding customers also did. So from now on I never make copies from the computer with a SVSH line; I make VHS copies from the camera with a SVHS line. There is a definite quality difference, trust me on this, it is there. If anyone knows a better way to make VHS copies I am open to suggestion with my limited resources, however.

Peter Moore November 5th, 2002 09:38 AM

Are you using a Super VHS VCR? I gotta think the S-Video will look better than composite video (the yellow RCA cable) when using a Super VHS VCR. With most Super VHS VCRs you can record SP to normal VHS tapes to emulate what a commercial grade VHS tape is like.

Andre De Clercq November 5th, 2002 01:25 PM

Agree buddy, this is a known fact... In general, whatever compressed video avi's, like DV... you have on yr HDD they have to be SW decompressed, SW deinterlaced, and NTSC (PAL) encoded all in real time, if you want to output then from staight from yr PC. This is too much for even performant processors to do it all well....So, output via 1394 (DV) and let the VCR (or an HW DV to Y/C convertor) do the job. Some recorders allow passthrough so that you don't have to (DV)record first.

Jeff Donald November 5th, 2002 04:15 PM

It really depends on the quality of your video card in your computer. I've seen mixed results both ways. A high end convertor like Laird or DataVideo will give the best results but cost as much or more than many cameras.


Peter Moore November 5th, 2002 04:34 PM

Oh I get it now, I misunderstood before. Yes, going through the camera as opposed to your video card is probably going to look better. Still, try to use the S-Video output of your camcorder if you have a Super VHS VCR.

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