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Meryem Ersoz September 20th, 2005 04:12 PM

Test Shots - Century Optics 2x Telextender on a GL2 (or any 58mm lens)
here's a coupla test shots i put together when i was out testing my newly-purchased Century Optics 2x. there's a lot of discussion about what is lost (due to vignetting) and gained by adding the 2x, but i didn't see any footage, so i thought i'd go ahead and post a link. it was shot in 4:3 on my GL2.


the first shot is taken with the telextender, so that we can see the vignetting at the point it occurs (around 55% zoom on the GL2). the second shot is taken without it, using the GL2s stock 20x lens.

the footage is a bit wobbly (making the need for a LANC controller abundantly evident), because it was shot on a very windy day, using only the cheapest desktop tripod (because that's what i carry on a long hike when i feel lazy). also, pardon my servo, i shot everything in auto.

the quality of the footage is not great, but i think it really illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of using the 2x without much additional explaining necessary. i read about this, here, before i bought it, but it's more dramatic to see it.

can i just say, i still love my little camera!

Zack Birlew September 20th, 2005 06:21 PM

Wow, I don't know what to think after seeing that. Is the 2x extender a good thing or bad thing?! =)

I'd love to see a WA lens on top of the extender, that'd be like hyper wide. But then you'd probably be stuck zoomed in all the way. =P

Thanks for showing us the effect, Meryem. Very interesting!

Dale Guthormsen September 23rd, 2005 11:23 PM


I have been considering the century 2x for my wildlife filming, Must say that I have now had my questions answered. It will be in the bag before spring!!


Meryem Ersoz September 24th, 2005 07:54 AM

i'm glad you guys found some interest. it does seem like kind of a trade because you can get significantly closer without visible loss of image. century makes nice glass. it's even sort of nice to hold in your hand. but there is not much room for zoom-out, in which case you lose a large range of the field to vignetting. i don't use tons of zoom but sometimes landscapes and adrenaline sports (especially climber footage, which i've shot a good bit of) and occasionally wildlife footage sometimes benefits from the a touch of zoom.

also, i was shooting on the fly with truly minimal equipment, but a good tripod and a LANC-controller seem to be must-haves....

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