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Norman Bedard January 8th, 2008 09:38 PM

60i or 24p for best frame grabs on HV20 ?
I just bought a HV20. One reason (apart from the high quality video) was the possibility to grab some decent still pictures from the video recorded on tape. I've been playing around with it a little bit, but I'm still unsure and would appreciate your comments.

I was first concerned about interlacing, but it seems that pressing the "Photo" button while pausing the playback executes some kind of correction, which takes care of the interlacing, because I didn't see the interlacing lines on the stills.

I am wondering which format is best. In low light, the frame grabs from 60i are really noisy, and 24p seems way better.

But for action video filmed outside, will 60i provide better frame grabs. I noticed some blurry stills in 24p when people were moving.

Are there other settings I should think about to maximize frame grabs quality.

So overall, what's the best configuration for quality frame grabs ?

Note: For now, I shoot in Auto mode, until I get more familiar and find advantages to use other modes.


Mike Dulay January 8th, 2008 10:15 PM

Unlike grabbing from tape, the photo button gets the data in its full progressive 1920x1080. I think the choice of video mode as auto 60i vs 24p has effect in the range of your shutter/exposure (lower means open longer, therefore blurier in darker conditions to collect more light = brighter image).

I haven't mastered it yet, but this is how I would approach it. If you go into manual mode and switch to TV-xxx you can control how sharp the picture will be despite action. Higher is sharper but consequently requires more light. Outdoors somewhere between 100-2000 usually works well whether 60i or 24p. Though for 24p I swear by TV-48. When you go indoors or under overcast/dusk you need to start adjusting down, that's when the blur from motion starts to show (TV-30 and down). If you don't mind doing corrections in post, you can still use the higher shutter but lock the exposure to a bright light before hand (to avoid gain). Most of the picture will appear dark, then you can use curves or gamma to make the picture brighter.

Now you say you're in auto mode. If you're indoors or under "poor" (what's bring to our eyes isn't necessarily so for the camera) lighting you could experiment with the program modes (like Sand & Snow ... avoid Fireworks) until you notice motion in the LCD isn't delayed/blurred. Another thing to try is the built in video light if it doesn't hurt the subject.

Wes Vasher January 9th, 2008 01:05 PM

If you want to pull frames from an action video clip outside, switch to TV mode and set the shutter to a higher speed. This will give you less motion blur.

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