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Patrick Smith December 14th, 2008 08:57 PM

Need some help: Looking to buy HV30
Hey guys-
Old DV Info member and photojournalist here. I used to be heavy into video and owned some GL-2's and did some work for a automotive DVD a couple years ago. Needless to say, I know my way around Final Cut and shooting. But since then, I've been concentrating more on my still work and sold my video stuff on here a ong while ago.

Now that the world of journalism is demanding video, I am looking to get a new mini dv camera: something a bit smaller than the GL-2, HD and great for world travel.

Now I've been recommended to the HV30 by a lot of people and I am trying to form some opinions on it and what accessiores I should look to get into (wide angle, mic...)

Thanks in advance!

Chris Barcellos December 14th, 2008 09:18 PM

Images in most lighting conditions are fantastic. I love the 24p capability.

Low light not so good, gets pretty grainy. It is worse that my Sony FX1 in that respect.

This camera has CMOS chip, which can create issues sometimes, due to rolling shutter. Do do quick pans and eliminate rapid movements to avoid it. Flashes from other photographers can produce an effect.

This is strictly a consumer cam, and exposure control is not straight forward, and you don't have direct control over aperature and shutter speed simultaneously. There are work arounds, but I miss the dialing in capability of prosumer level cameras. Essentially the most used trick is using the exposure control to roll up or down after locking shutter speed or aperature, and then monitoring the changes by depressing the photo button to see what current settings are (It gives a temporary readout).

You definitely need a mic for decent sound. Look a Rode Videomic is what many use.
I attach a Beachtec adapter to port most any good mic in.

This camera is used by many of us as a poor man's entry to 24p. In order to edit in 24p, you need to be able to remove pull down. I use Cineform on my PC with Vegas, I am not sure what the current word is on FCP

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