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James Donnelly February 2nd, 2011 08:39 AM

Capture from HDMI output on HF100
Hi all,

Is there a good value HDMI capture solution that has good hardware encoding, works for laptops (USB or PCMCIA) and matches up well to the pf24/1080i coming out of the HF100, i.e. handle the 2:3 pulldown and write 24p to the HD?

Ideally the CPU overhead would be low, and it should be able to record ~50mbps+ to the HD, as I have an older laptop I'd be willing to take into the field.

Alternatively, I could grab a Nanoflash, which I see as a good investment. What are the benefits, apart from portability, over a PC capture solution? I'm not interested in super high bitrates.


Henry Olonga February 8th, 2011 07:25 PM

Been there done it. Got a nanoflash. Too many advantages over tethered to a laptop. Power for the laptop - most laptops on battery do not run at full cpu so you will need to give it full power. Switching on off,suspending is cumbersome on a laptop, bulk, fragility, crashes ( BSOD ), securing the cables, heat issues, issues of discreetness in public areas where police may hassle you etc. All added up to me saying forget it.

My advice is go for an Atomos ninja if you work with prores. Best bang for buck at around just under a grand.

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