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Blayde Stone April 14th, 2017 08:27 AM

Canon HF G40 Footage now not loading into SVP 11
Good morning, I'll try to make a short and straightforward, for years I have been importing Canon HF G 40 footage into Sony Vegas Pro 11 and editing without much trouble. Approximately a couple of months ago I think I did updates to SVP 11 and now I cannot import.MTS footage into Sony Vegas. What happened?? Now on my research I see that they will have to be converted to other format, what a pain!
Anyway do I need to reset Sony Vegas 11 to older settings?? Or is this the path I need to take?
If I have to convert.. should I use handbrake and convert to WMV files? Appreciate your input on this very much..We have a big three cameras shoot coming up this weekend and need to get this straightened out! Thanks Again!

Bryan Worsley April 14th, 2017 05:27 PM

Re: Canon HF G40 Footage now not loading into SVP 11
I don't know why you are now unable to import your AVCHD.mts footage, but do you have the same issue with HD-AVC.mp4 clips off the HF-G40? If not, why not shoot mp4, at least for the time being? Really, mp4 is the better way to go these days.

Also, how had you been importing the mts files into Vegas - direct import from the SD card, copying the mts clips from the AVCHD>BDMV-Stream folder to PC or using the bundled (Pixela) Data Import Utility to transfer them to PC ?

Bryan Worsley April 19th, 2017 08:29 AM

Re: Canon HF G40 Footage now not loading into SVP 11
You know if you pose a question and someone takes the time to reply, it is courtesy to at least acknowledge the response, even if it doesn't provide the answer you are looking for. Just saying.

Hope you resolved the problem in time for the shoot or subsequently, nonetheless. I've had my share of woes with mts files in the past, although not with Vegas specifically, and was relieved when I upgraded from a Canon HF-G10 to HF-G30 with the mp4 option.

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