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Larry Becker April 11th, 2012 11:48 AM

Beating a poor, dead horse...

I am mystified... It works on my iPad, my home pc, my laptop... I WONDER if it's because I'm a Vimeo member and am logged in when I click that link? I suggested that you just go to Vimeo.com and do a search on canonxf in groups - but it sounds like you've made your way there.

Let us know if you find anything helpful!

I have been playing more with Doug Jensen's CP file - and if I'm on full auto it looks AWFUL!!!! Dingy green cast... BUT, if I go to full manual, do a custom white balance, set the gain appropriately to get the iris in the range I want it, use zebras to set the exposure (which seems to be a little higher than what auto would do-one to 1.5 notches above the recommended setting on the camera's screen), things look really great... maybe a LITTLE on the cool side for my taste (depending on the subject, I guess. If I want to warm it up a little - I use the same process and white balance to a 1/4 warm card - THEN it looks right.

If I'm shooting on full auto in panic run & gun mode, I use the "TrueVid2" CP file on the Vimeo site. That seems to give pleasing, usable colors.

I hope this all helps, and sorry for causing you frustration!


(PS - I made peace with my Marshall V-LCD50-HDMI monitor - I set the color space to "linear" and it PRETTY WELL matches the output of the camera -still just slightly warm, but close enough-happy with the Marshall now!)

Markus Oginero April 18th, 2012 02:26 PM

Re: Custom Picture Profiles for XF-300/305
@ Larry:

I'm currently using Doug Jensen's CP file recommendations from his 305/300 training video
I use it last week on an extended work, 7 days outdoor, sunny, clouds and so on.
and i must say, its a great colorfeeeling,
on an calibratet TFT-Eizo 27"can you see the different to the normal CP-Setting witch comes out of the camera.
It works for me very good. No issues so far for me.
Iam still using the version 1.0 fomr the camera.
Is there a importend need to update to the actual version ?

Larry Becker April 18th, 2012 09:23 PM

Re: Custom Picture Profiles for XF-300/305
Hi Markus,
Greetings to you in West Germany from Los Angeles!

On the CP file from Doug Jensen's video, I'm glad you like it. I find that, especially if I am able to put the camera on full manual and adjust the exposure myself (iris, gain, white balance) that it is a really nice setting - I will usually have to bump up the exposure a little above what the camera suggests, though, or it will look too dark.

Regarding Firmware upgrades to the camera - there have been two, but the first one is the more important. According to Canon, the upgrade to does this:

Firmware Version incorporates the following fixes and improvements:
1. Adds a focal length guide to display the numeric value of the focal length position and a function to make fine adjustments to the camcorder's optical axis in order to assist 3D shooting.
2. Updates the scan reverse shooting functionality to include vertical inversion and horizontal inversion functions.
3. Adds a double-slot recording function that records the same image and audio to two memory cards, simultaneously.
4. Adds a menu item to turn relay recording ON/OFF.

So it adds some functionality for 3D shooting AND enables double slot recording (to put the same image on two CF cards at the same time) - as well as a couple other things.

The second Firmware upgrade wasn't important to me, but might be to you as it adds some languages, including German, to the camera's menu system. Here is the email from Canon:

Firmware Version for the XF305/XF300 and Firmware Version 10.2.0 for the XF105/XF100 incorporates the following improvements:
Adds Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish and Simplified Chinese languages to the camcorder's menu.

If you DO decide to upgrade the firmware, you MUST ALSO UPGRADE THE Canon XF Utility software or it won't recognize the clips you recorded previously. Here is the section of the email about that:

Firmware Version is for camcorders with Firmware Version through If the camcorder's firmware is already Version, it is not necessary to update the firmware. Once the camcorder is updated to the latest version, it cannot be restored to a previous version. Clips recorded with Firmware Version will not be recognized by the bundled Canon XF Utility Ver. 1.0 application. Please update to Canon XF Utility Ver. 1.1., which is available for download on the Canon website.

So, in summary, Yes, I think it's important to upgrade the firmware of the camera, but when you do so you will also have to upgrade the XF utility software or you won't be able to load the clips you have shot. If you upgrade to version, it includes the features as well.

I hope this makes sense!

Best Wishes,


Markus Oginero April 19th, 2012 03:14 PM

Re: Custom Picture Profiles for XF-300/305

Greetings to you in West Germany from Los Angeles!
Thank you and greetings back !

Yes, I think it's important to upgrade the firmware of the camera
so i will perform the update after the next event from this year..
Thanks for the lot words in your answer !

Erick Perdomo April 20th, 2012 07:52 AM

Adjusting Noise reduction settings in XF300
Hi! I'm trying to understand how to adjust the noise reduction setting in the Custom Picture Settings. Knowing how to adjust this properly might help me with footage shot in lower light at say +6 or +9 db gain which is what I use in receptions. Has anyone adjusted the Noise reduction settings and what values have improved low light footage WITHOUT sacrificing detail? Sorry if I asked this before...
I know that some people use Neat Video to reduce noise but the rendering times seem to get really longer.
I would prefer to get good results in camera if possible.
thanks! Loving my XF300 working along a Canon T3i.

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