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Mats Frendahl September 15th, 2007 04:35 PM

Filming in NTSC land, editing in PAL land
I might be going to US to shoot some video at a venue and don't want to travel with tons of equipment.

1a. Will the HDV footage taken by a NTSC A1 be coded as NTSC on tape or is it first encoded at playback/capture to one of the "standards" (NTSC/PAL).

1b. If NTSC encoded "on site" - what format would be best to use (60i or 24F) to bring back to PAL land and capture/edit? In PAL land we have 50i/25F and it's here I'm going to edit it. Any problems to consider. The scene is not sport/moves around - a pianist that sits still, kind of...

1c. Will I need to capture the NTSC footage on site with the NTSC gear to my laptop (as m2t) - or can I capture on my PAL A1 back home again?

2. What are the possibilities of renting several A1s in Philadelphia? Is this model well-known at rental shops?

3. What would one typical search for (internet?) to get good, knowledge, personell with either lights and/or cameras for a good quality recording session. I would need jibs(?), possibly a "crane"(?) and some other stuff. Naturally EX, A1 and other stuff would not hurt to have as option but it does not need to be high-pro stuff like F355 for that matter. A1/FX1-level etc. will go a long way.

4. Would using PAL units to record indoors in US cause problem? Somebody posted that shutterspeeds should be multiple of power freq.


David Chia September 16th, 2007 05:48 AM

I'm pretty sure you can rent a NTSC XHA1 than has been upgraded with pal shooting functions.

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