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Jay Legere October 6th, 2007 11:41 PM

grinds and focus ring

My a1 and I went on a little adventure earlier this summer. We scaled a little foothill and encountered some strong winds with a little sand flying around. Since then my shooting has been limited and when the camera has been used it was indoors.

Tonight I noticed a little grinding in one spot while focusing. Nothing major, but definitely something that got my attention.

Anyone deal with this before?

I think the camera will survive. But, if there is a safe cleaning method that any of you guys/gals know of and are willing to share with me, that does not include shipping the unit away for repairs, I would be very grateful.


Chris Soucy October 8th, 2007 04:32 AM

Hi Jay.....
Thought someone would have jumped in before now.

As the focus ring isn't actually a "focus ring" but a large "do nothing machine" which just happens, at the same time, to tell the camera to move the lens focus, I don't think a bit of grit between friends is much to worry about.

Can't think of a cleaning method that won't run the risk of making the situation worse, so I would personally suggest "just leave it".

(I deliberately bypass options such as: High pressure air nozzle up the front/ back of said ring, on the basis it may well invalidate warranty, break lens etc. A handy tool in the right circumstances mind, perhaps not here, but handy sometimes)

Sorry I can't offer any better advice.


Jay Legere October 8th, 2007 07:22 AM


Thank-you very much.

I had a feeling it wasn't anything to really worry about. The rings are a bit silly on the a1, but they give us a choice and I usually choose to use them:)

Your explanation was clear and to the point and I am really glad you weighed in so I can forget about it and get back to guilt-free shooting!

Thanks again!

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