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Daniel Fessak February 13th, 2009 02:09 PM

Picking Up DJ Signal W/Wireless
Hello all..

When doing a wedding, instead of plugging into the DJ's audio board to pick up the audio from him, can't I just pick up his audio by tuning my wireless receiver to his signal so they are both on the same frequency? Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like an easy solution.

Don Bloom February 13th, 2009 02:23 PM

the chances of that are pretty slim. First most DJs that I know use VHF, second most have no idea what freq they're on and third, you'd be taking an enormous chance of big unfixable problems by doing that.
If you don't want to plug in to the board (I haven't in years) get a Sennheiser E604 drum mic, attach a plugin transmitter, put the mic on a stand about 5 to 6 inches in front of one of the DJ speakers (I set it down about the level of the bottom of the speaker box) and go.
I use a hypercaroid, set to -10db, on the camera to pickup the room noise and the Sennhiser is set to -6db and BAM! I never have to do anything to my reception audio.

Benjamin Steeples February 17th, 2009 04:40 PM

Very Slim...
Don is right, unless you have the same brand and frequency range as the DJ, the odds of taping into the signal are slim.

I always carry a bag full of different adapters so that i can meet whatever output plug the DJ has on his board. Also always get a Mic check, not just a sound check. Some DJ boards are weird and while you can hear the music you can't hear the microphones, and a lot of DJ's don't know where the switch is to fix this issue on their boards. Also if the output is not controllable on the DJ system, then make sure you turn down transmitter to -20 to -30 to prevent signal peaking (I use Sennheisers, may be different with yours).

If the DJ has built in amp speakers like UBLís then you can also plug into the XLR out on the back of the speaker that is typically used by DJís to daisy chain speakers together. If you use this mode then you must turndown your transmitter to -30 or else you will peak out the signal.

Otherwise, you can always use what Don recommends, itís really a personal choice and availability of your sound equipment resources.

Don Palomaki February 17th, 2009 06:04 PM

Agree with above. What you propose is high risk, unless you have fully coordinated and tested with the DJ in advance, and trust him.

Live sound can work OK - you get the complete laugh track as well as the audience responds to his banter. Live sound, including music, from his soundboard raises other potential issues.

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