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Greg Peters January 30th, 2010 08:23 PM

Help with frame rates on XH A1
I really have been spent much time looking into settings for the camera.

I have been setting it the same as my old SD camera.

Tv set to 60 and shoot away.

I see the canon does 60i 30f and 24f

What are typical settings?

If I use the camera in SD mode can I have a higher frame rate?

Excuse the ignorance, but I am a still image guy.

Joel Peregrine January 31st, 2010 12:16 AM

Hi Greg,

I'd suggest trying out all the settings - 24f, 30f, and 60i at many different shutter speeds and modes - to see which one appeals to you. You can simply say the setting while you're shooting under various conditions of brightness and motion, then sit down in front of the best monitor you can find and watch the footage. Some people find the crisp look of 60i appealing and others like the motion attributes of 24f and 30f. It really is a personal preference. There are settings that are better for certain situations (low shutter speeds for low light sensitivity and high shutter speeds for fast action) but the basic feel of the footage is dictated by the frame rate - whether it is interlaced or progressive. Those are subjective looks that people usually have a preference for one way or the other. You also need to take into account how you'll edit the footage. 24f doesn't work very well for slow motion, for example.

Cynthia Granville February 7th, 2010 01:32 PM

also depends what you're using the footage for, how it will be viewed. if you're shooting for the web, you'll be much better off shooting 30f than 60i, as you want to avoid interlaced for web and 30 is a frame rate that works well for most internet displays. (to experiment with this for yourself you can upload to youtube and keep the clip private, there's a box to check whether you want private or public viewing option).

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