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Don Xaliman June 28th, 2010 03:21 PM

I have been using a camera mounted shotgun and a wireless connection to the soundboard. Most venue sound mixers can accommodate this hook-up (I carry a selection of connectors). All of my music shoots are by invitation and most are for pay, so I get quite bold when it comes to directing the lighting and camera positions. Often, musicians are quite open to having me move around on the stage to get those hot shots. I try to be respectful of not blocking the audience view, but often, the audience doesn't mind the obstruction as long as I keep moving positions. I can't say I've reached perfection yet with my handheld abilities, but practice has improved my techniques. Usually holding the XH-A1's back, against my chest and grasping the camera body with my left thumb on the viewfinder parking surface and index finger controlling the iris ring. This keeps my right hand free to use the zoom lever and sometimes the hand grip. It's always better to lean on something or stoop down to use my knee to rest the camera on. I've never felt comfortable with shoulder placement.

David Stembridge July 4th, 2010 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by Alex DeJesus (Post 1543169)
.....Custom presets are great if you use more than one camera and if you want to avoid color correction in post. The one thing I hate about the A1s is the fact that you can't set it on your shoulder. It's too heavy to hand-hold, so you need some kind of shoulder rig if you are mobile. I spent some money putting together such a rig that could have gone into purchasing an XL model

Thanks for the note back Alex, I checked out the CB105, and that actually looks very promising. About CB-105 Video Camera Stabilizer Shoulder Support

I do miss the familiarity of my XL1s; but am blown away by the image output!

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