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Bill Edmunds September 12th, 2010 09:18 AM

XH A1 30f footage keeps freezing! HELP!!!!
I'm trying to edit footage from two XH A1 cameras. They both shot in 30f. I am playing the footage back from my own XH A1. The footage constantly freezes up for a few seconds, the continues, freezes, etc. I've cleaned the heads. Tried a different XH A1 as source deck. Same problem exists, and in the same timecode places.

I could understand if it was from the source material of only one camera, but this is from two different HX A1 cameras. Can anyone help me?

Allan Black September 12th, 2010 06:47 PM

Bill, there are 2 types of tape dropouts.

You got this first one .. because you've got dropouts happening in exactly the same spot, there was microgrit evident in the tape transport and it got on the tape surface BEFORE you (or they) recorded on it. The grit caused the dropouts while recording and unfortunately they're permanent.

The second type .. the grit gets on the tape surface AFTER its been recorded. Evidence of this is, the dropout will move its position on the tape surface by a few seconds one way or the other. Its movement is caused by shuttling then playing the tape over the dropout.

Airborne microgrit and dust comes in different forms, some is dry and abrasive, some is sticky with gunk and most is almost invisible .. but it ALL can get in the tape transport when it's open. The sticky type is the worst, you grind it into the tape surface each time you play the tape. I've seen the dry type removed ONLY once or twice, by shuttling the tape backwards and forwards over the dropout. But only try that if the dropout moves its position a bit.

So you have to develop some good practice habits. Run your cleaner tape before every important shoot, for just 10secs a time.

To prevent tape dropouts, ALWAYS clean the top of the cam with a clean rag before you open it. Don't change tapes in dusty locations and NEVER EVER leave tapes lying around out of their cases, but have one out ready to change tapes quickly.

For best long term storage, keep your recorded tapes sitting vertically in their cases, in a resealable airtight plastic fridge container, with some fresh silica gel in a dark temperature stable cupboard. You might pass this on to the other person with the A1.

I've got 46yrs with magnetic tape of all types including 30+ yrs with our own company, I hope this helps.


DISCLAIMER: Removing a tape dropout is the persons responsibility entirely .. it'll be a last ditch attempt to save the tape and I take no responsibility for it.

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