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Don Palomaki October 3rd, 2011 08:52 AM

Re: DSLR or New camcorder?
Camcorders are optimized for video according to there product class (consumer, prosumer, pro), DSLRs are similarly optimized for stills, While they cross over (some better thatn others), there are significant compromises.

You need to assess your requirements (artistic, work flow, customer base, business plan, ego needs, etc. ) and resources (think cash flow and money) to reach your decision. What works for me maynto work as well for you, might even be a disaster.

And on ego needs, I've gradually come to realize that buying a capability or feature I never use is money wasted (but it may be fun and provide me with some bragging rights).

Jeff Hinson October 3rd, 2011 09:42 AM

Re: DSLR or New camcorder?
As always "thanks" to all for great advice.
Just imagine how much time and money would be wasted if it were not for the help and advice from this forum. Im thankful to ALL that comment.


Philip Younger October 20th, 2011 05:00 PM

Re: DSLR or New camcorder?
FYI: The latest issue of 'Iris magazine' has an interesting article by Alan Roberts regarding large sensor cameras and compares the Canon 5D mkII, the Panasonic AF101 & the Sony PMW-F3.

The conclusion: whilst recognising that none of these cameras come up to the expectation of broadcast HDTV, Alan Roberts concludes that the Canon 5D mkII has been implemented with no specific market in mind. and goes on... Its poor performance hasn't put off lots of users, presumably those who don't look too closely at their own output, because spacial aliasing really messes up motion-sensitive video compressions (MPEG).

And as I understand it, the 5D is considered to be one of, if not THE, best DSLR for video. I guess much will depend on what you are doing with video and just how technically fussy you are about the quality you end up with. Quality I think is subjective. I know from my early years working in a photo printing lab - it is amazing what crap quality photos people will except when they have little or nothing to compare with!

I suppose the best advice would be to narrow down your potential choices then hire each for a day and see for yourself what YOU get from them and how close each come to your expectations and level of acceptibility

Jeff Hinson November 12th, 2011 04:47 AM

Re: DSLR or New camcorder?
After weeks of agonizing over what to do.....

I purchased a Sony 5N camera just to get a "feel" for DSLR shooting. I love the camera both stills and video quality. Ive been able to match the 5N's video to the XHA1 via CC. This allows me to use the two as a combo. The 5N allows me to interchange the lenses to get shots I cannot get with the A1.

Im watching the reviews of the Sony VG20 on this forum. So far, I dont think the VG20 could replace my XHA1 for quality, although the ability to change lenses on the VG20 and the low price tag. makes me want it. The best bet would be the Sony FS100, but I cant afford it now.

Hopefully Canon will come out with a interchangeable lens camcorder to compete with the VG20 in price.

I will wait a few months to see what Canon has to offer...


Les Wilson November 12th, 2011 08:07 AM

Re: DSLR or New camcorder?
Thanks for the update. It's a perfect illustration of a point I was making about A1 owners moving to non-Canon cameras ... the fact you went HDSLR and still didn't go with Canon speaks volumes ... eerily, you were posting at the same time I was posting.


Jeff Hinson November 12th, 2011 01:14 PM

Re: DSLR or New camcorder?
Great minds do think alike.....and obviously at the same moment in time. haha


Charlton Chars December 31st, 2011 01:03 AM

Re: DSLR or New camcorder?
The DSLR is great for short, b-roll, artistic stuff to compliment your bread and butter long shots.

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