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Jeremiah Rickert March 20th, 2017 04:11 AM

XH-A1 and Samurai Redux
Since my FireStore seems to be on its last legs, and I'm not quite ready to give up on my XH-A1 just yet, I have been wondering about hooking a Samurai to it. The earlier models can be found quite cheaply now.

My question concerns which would be the best way to make the conversions to hook it up. The two paths I can see are using the component cable that came with the camera and putting RCA to BNC barrels on the ends and using a BNC analog/digital converter box to get a digital HD SDI signal out.

Or is it better to use a component-to-HDMI converter. (these are huge in the retro gaming community). They have RCA component jacks on one end (the three colors plus two for audio) and an HDMI on the other. The Box is powered only by a USB connection. I already have a power strip with USB plugs on it. I was thinking of trying this out.

Jeremiah Rickert March 24th, 2017 12:36 AM

Re: XH-A1 and Samurai Redux
Well, I received the Avermedia component to HDMI converter cable. It has Red, Blue, Green, plus Audio L & R, and a USB plug for power. I hooked it to my XHA1's component cable. Fed it audio using the earphone jack. Plugged the USB into a power strip that I have that has USB ports. It converted to HDMI *and* embedded the audio as well. Huzzah.

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